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Air University GPA Calculator

Air University GPA Calculator

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How to Calculate Grade Point Average (GPA) in Air University

We can assist you with calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA). Let me provide you with a clear explanation of the steps involved in calculating your GPA.

Semester GPA

After every semester, the student’s academic performance is assessed and graded.

The grade is determined based on the student’s performance throughout the degree program. Depending on specific course requirements, 2- years (4 semesters) or 4- years (8 semesters).

GPA Mathematic Formula

{(Total Credit Hours of the semester * Grade Points of the semester) add them} / divide by the total value of Credit Hours

GPA Calculation

  • Course 1; – Grade Points A; (4.00) *4 Credit Hours. 
  • Course 2; – Grade Points B; (3.33) *3 Credit Hours.
  • Course 3; –  Grade Points C; (2.00) *2 Credit Hours.

Total Quality Points: (4.00 * 4 + 3.33 * 3 + 2.00 * 2) = 29.99

Total Credit Hours = (4+3+2) = 9

GPA = 29.99 / 9 = 2.43

Air University Grading System

At Air University, education follows the Semester System. Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) evaluate students’ academic performance.

Air University confidently employs a 4.00-point grading scale to assess the achievements of its students accurately.

Absolute Grading System

The Absolute Grading system facilitates categorizing students based on their performance within designated percentile ranges corresponding to letter grades. For an instant, letter grade ‘A’ ‘indicates 85% marks and above.

The allocation of a Letter Grade to a student is contingent upon their academic performance in a subject, with each Letter Grade being accompanied by an assigned Grade Point. ‘A’ indicates the highest version (85% and above), and ‘F’ means low performance (below 50%).

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We have provided a detailed explanation of the Air University grading system in the Table below.

Air University Grading System For Undergraduate and MS/M.Phil/MBA & PhD Programs

Letter Grade Grade Points (Undergraduate) Grade Points (MS/M.Phil/MBA & PhD)
A 4.0 4.0
A- 3.67 3.67
B+ 3.33 3.33
B 3.00 3.00
B- 2.67 2.67
C+ 2.33 2.33
C 2.00 2.00
C- 1.67 Not Applicable
D 1.00 Not Applicable
F Fail Fail

Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Letter Grade Marks Percentage
A 80% - 100%
A- 75% - 79.99%
B+ 70% - 74.99%
B 65% - 69.99%
B- 60% - 64.99%
C+ 55% - 59.99%
C 50% - 54.99%
F Below 50%

Note:  Above is a Table Show Letter Grades corresponding to Grade Points (BS, MS, MPhil, MBA, Ph.D.)

Here are some Special Letter Grades that assign to a specific circumstance.

  • ‘F’ (Fail Grade) – If a student fails to achieve a passing grade (50%) in the course, they will be assigned an ‘F’ grade.

‘F’ grade carries No Grade Points and necessitates the student to retake the entire course.

  • ‘I’ (Incomplete Grade) – The student still needs to fulfil the necessary criteria for receiving a passing grade in the course. Like less than 75% class attendance and Internal assessment is less than 50%.
  • ‘W’ (Withdraw) – If students choose to withdraw from a course during the third (3rd) to fifth (5th) week of classes, they shall obtain an academic penalty. 

Any act of indiscipline or employment of unfair methods during examinations shall impose a penalty(punishment).

  • ‘S’ (Satisfactory) and ‘U’ (Unsatisfactory) – Only Ph.D. and Masters students can receive grades in their Quarterly Progress Reports for research performance.

S’ and ‘U’ grades play a role in determining their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). 

However, if students receive two consecutive U Grades, they may face expulsion from the course per the policies overseeing graduate studies.

Repeat Course – No allowances will be made for missed quizzes, assignments, or Mid-Semester Exams. 

However, in exceptional circumstances, students may seek permission to retake the Mid-Semester Exam exclusively. If an ‘F’ grade is obtained, it is mandatory to Retake the Course.

To achieve a passing grade and graduate, students who receive an ‘F’ in any core course must Repeat the procedure. 

Students who earn a Letter Grade lower than B- can also repeat courses to improve their performance. 

However, this option is not available to Academically Deficient Students included in the list of Dismissals.

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Academic Standing of Undergraduate Student

Academic Standing CGPA
High Honors 3.75 ≤ CGPA ≤ 4.00
Honors 3.50 ≤ CGPA <3.75
Good 3.00 ≤ CGPA <3.50
Fair 2.50 ≤ CGPA <3.00
Satisfactory 2.00 ≤ CGPA <2.50
Warning 1.80 ≤ CGPA <2.00
Serious Warning 1.50≤ CGPA <1.80
Dismissed & ineligible to rejoin CGPA< 1.50

Academic Standing

The CGPA earned by students will determine their academic standing at the end of each semester, following the Tables provided;

Academic Standing of MS/M Phil/MBA & PhD Student

Academic Standing CGPA
Honor 3.75 ≤ CGPA ≤ 4.00
Good 3.50 ≤ CGPA < 3.75
Satisfactory 3.00 ≤ CGPA < 3.50
Probation (Repeat Course (s) to improve CGPA) <3.00 In one semester
Dismissed <3.00 In second consecutive semester

Minimum GPA Requirement 

  • A Serious Warning shall be issued if a student accumulates F grades in Undergraduate Programs (BS) courses amounting to 16-20 credit hours concurrently.

Nevertheless, if a student persists with unresolved F grades in 21 credit hours, they shall be dismissed.

  • In the context of Graduate Programs {MS, MPhil, MBA}, a student will be subject to dismissal if their CGPA remains below 2.50 for two consecutive semesters.
  • Suppose a student’s CGPA falls below 3.00 for two consecutive semesters in a Ph.D. Program, they will be subject to dismissal.

If an undergraduate student’s CGPA is less than 2.00 by the end of a semester, they are considered Academically Deficient.

Semester Wise Distribution of Credit Hours for Course

Semester Credit Hours
1 12
2 12
3 12
Total 36
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