Alim GPA Calculator

Greeting! Dear Alim Students in the GPA Calculator. We take great pleasure in introducing our reliable GPA calculator. That guarantees precise and swift calculations per the grading system established by Bangladesh’s official Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards.

The calculator offers a valuable advantage with its intuitive interface, simplifying the calculation process. Our Alim GPA Calculators accurately determine your academic standing by eliminating any possible inaccuracies in manual calculations.

With the assistance of this GPA converter calculator, students can easily input their Subject names (codes), Letter Grades, and corresponding Grade Points (GP) to obtain their GPA promptly.

Alim GPA Calculator

Alim GPA Calculator

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Alim GPA To Percentage Calculator

The Alim GPA to percentage conversion calculator is an indispensable tool for students in Bangladesh. As it accurately converts GPA scores into corresponding percentages. 

By entering their attained GPA, this calculator precisely calculates percentages using the formula endorsed by the Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards.

The Mathematical Equation for Alim GPA to Percentage Conversion

Percentage% = {(Attained GPA *100) / Entire GPA}

For Exemplification 

Attained Grade Point Average = 4.2

Entire Grade Point Average = 5.0

GPA to Percentage% = 4.2 * 100 / 5 = 84%

Alim GPA To Percentage Calculator

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Alim Marks To Percentage Calculator

Converting Alim Marks to Percentage is a crucial task for students in Bangladesh. This conversion tool plays a vital role in helping them accurately determine their percentage scores. 

By simply entering their obtained Marks, students can use this calculator to calculate the corresponding percentage automatically. 

This calculator uses the fundamental formula of the Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards.

The Mathematical Equation for Alim Marks to Percentage Conversion

Percentage% = {[Attained Marks 100] / Entire Marks}

For Exemplification 

Attained Marks = 530

Entire Marks = 600

Marks to Percentage% = 530 * 100 / 600 = 88%

Alim Marks To Percentage Calculator

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Alim Grading System

The Alim certification program focuses on religious and Islamic disciplines and is equivalent to the broader education system’s Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). Alim Certification refers to the levels of education commonly known as eleven (XI) and twelve (XII) in Bangladesh.

The grading system they have in place is very efficient and smooth. They use a clear-cut 5-point Grading scale from zero to five (0-5). The letter grades A+, A, A-, B, C, D, and F match up flawlessly.

The highest possible grade is a 5.0 GP with a tremendous percentage range of 80%-100%, corresponding to the A+ Letter Grade. An F letter grade denotes failure with a significant grade point of 0.0 and correlates with a percentage score below 32.

Check out the Table below for a complete breakdown of your marks, grade points, and the corresponding letter grades or percentages based on the Alim official grading system.
It’s a great resource to get a deeper understanding of your performance.

Letter Grade With Grade Definition

Letter Grade Grade Point Grade Definition
A+ 5.0 Outstanding
A 4.0 Excellent
A- 3.5 Good
B 3.0 Satisfactory
C 2.0 Poor
D 1.0 Failing
F 0.0 Failed

Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Letter Grade Marks Percentage
A+ 80% to 100%
A 70% to 79%
A- 60% to 69%
B 50% to 59%
C 40% to 49%
D 33% to 39%
F 0 to 32%

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How to Calculate Alim GPA in Bangladesh?

Students can determine their GPA by familiarizing themselves with subject codes, corresponding letter grades, and grade points associated with their academic programs. To determine your Alim GPA, you must add all the grade points earned in each subject and divide it by the total number of credits obtained in those subjects.

The Equation for GPA calculation in the Alim exam –

Alim GPA = {Total Grade Points / Total Credits}

Note: The Bangladesh Official Grading System bases credits on the number of subjects a student takes, with each subject holding equal importance and worth one (1) credit.

For Exemplification

Suppose you have obtained the following grades in your Alim exams 

Quran: A+ (5.0 Grade Point)

Hadith: A (4.0 Grade Point)

Tafsir: A- (3.50 Grade Point)

Fiqh: B (3.0 Grade Point)

Bamgli: A+ (5.0 Grade Point)

English: A+ (5.0 Grade Point)

ICT: A (4.0 Grade Point)

A sum of Grade Points = 5.0 + 4.0 + 3.50 + 3.0 + 5.0 + 5.0 + 4.0 = 29.5

Entire Credits = 7

Alim GPA = 29.5 / 7 = 4.2

What is the commonly used name for Alim education in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the term “Alim” refers to a specialized level of educational achievement in Islamic studies. 

What are the mandatory subjects included in the Alim program in BD?

In the Alim program, students must study the Quran, Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic History and Culture.

What is Alim’s educational achievement level in Bangladesh?

Upon attainment of grades eleven (11th) and twelve (12th) in Islamic education, students receive the Alim Certificate, equivalent to an intermediate or pre-university qualification (HSC).

What does a golden A+ mean in the Alim result?

In the Alim examination, students can score a maximum of 5.0 grade points and achieve a percentage ranging from 80% to 100% to obtain an A+ grade.

What is the lowest GPA accepted for Alim in Bangladesh?

The minimum achievable letter grade is a D, corresponding to a grade point of 1.0 and a percentage score ranging from 33% to 39%.

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