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You may quickly determine your GPA and keep track of your letter grades with the help of our simple-to-use Bahria University GPA calculator. The total quality points must be divided by the credit hours to get your grade point average (GPA). Our Bahria University GPA calculator shows the result on the top and bottom of the calculator.

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How To Calculate GPA Bahria University?

The grade point average (GPA) at Bahria University is calculated using the grading system. By following these steps, students may use the Bahria University GPA Calculator to quickly and precisely determine their Grade Point Average (GPA):

  • Identify the credit hours allotted to each course finished throughout the semester in step one of determining credit hours. To get quality points, convert each course grade into letter grade points using the Bahria University GPA scale (A=4.0, B+=3.5, B=3.0, C+=2.5, C=2.0, D=1.5, F=0.0, etc.).
  • Grade Points Increase: Each course’s grade points will be raised by the appropriate amount of credit hours.
  • Determine the Total Quality Points Earned: Multiply the grade points by credit hours of each course. After that, sum up all course’s quality points, and you will get total quality points.
  • Calculate the overall amount of credits earned: Add the total credits you earned for all the classes you took that semester.
  • Calculate your grade point average by dividing your overall grade points by your total credit hours.

By dividing the total grade points obtained by the total credit hours attempted, one may get a student’s grade point average (GPA). GPA is assessed using a four-point system.

The GPA calculation is crucial to track overall academic achievement, scholarship eligibility, and academic development. Always refer to the university’s official GPA Calculator and academic standards to ensure accurate computations and information.

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Bahria University Grading System

Bahria University in Pakistan assesses students’ academic achievement using a conventional four-point grading scale. Our GPA Calculator was developed using the Bahria University grading structure. For more details about Bahria University grade system, Check the table below. 

Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
A 4.0 Outstanding
B+ 3.5 Very Good
B 3.0 Above Average
C+ 2.5 Satisfactory
C 2.0 Barely Acceptable
D 1.5 Poor
F 0.0 Failed
W Withdrawal
I Incomplete

Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Letter Grade Marks Percentage
A 87% – 100%
B+ 80% – 86%
B 72% – 79%
C+ 66% – 71%
C 60% – 65%
D 50% – 59%
F Below 50%

What Is The GPA For Bahria University Karachi?

A student at Bahria University must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible for a degree to be awarded: A 2.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is required for undergraduate degree programs. The master’s degree program requires a 2.50 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Three Probation and one Chance will be issued to each participant during the project.

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