BITS Pilani CGPA Calculator

The CGPA calculator for students at BITS Pilani adheres to the official grading system sanctioned by the UGC at Birla Institute of Technology and Science. This fantastic tool offers a hassle-free way of calculating and keeping track of your academic progress.

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This tool simplifies calculating CGPA with precision, requiring minimal input. Students at BITS Pilani can conveniently determine their CGPA by entering essential details into the provided real-time calculator, including Course Units and Grade Points of letter grades.

BITS Pilani CGPA Calculator

BITS Pilani CGPA Calculator

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BITS Pilani CGPA to Percentage

BITS Pilani provides the CGPA to Percentage Converter, a crucial tool for students at BITS Pilani University who want to convert their CGPA to percentages.

To convert CGPA to percentage, multiply your CGPA by 10 to obtain an equivalent percentage. You can find this formula for students on the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani website.

By inputting your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) in the given BITS Pilani CGPA calculator, the calculator will precisely convert it into a percentage using the established formula by BITS Pilani.

The Equation for Obtaining Percentage

The institution uses a conversion formula to convert a candidate’s CGPA into an equivalent percentage.

Equivalent percentage = (CGPA obtained / 10*) x 100

*Maximum CGPA

Percentage = {(9.3 / 10) *100} = 93%

BITS Pilani CGPA to Percentage

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BITS Pilani Grading System

BITS uses a continuous system of internal evolution method for ongoing assessment, assigning letter grades {A, A-, B, B-, C, C-, D, E} with corresponding grade points of {10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 2} for all courses except Dissertation Project Work.

BITS Pilani University follows the official grading system of the University Grants Commission (UGC) with few variations. Refer to the Table Below for a comprehensive breakdown of their grading system.

  • Particular Grade (NC)- If a student performs unsatisfactorily, the course may require them to repeat it in subsequent semesters, and they will receive a “Not Cleared” (NC) grade.
Letter Grade Grade Points Performance
A 10 Excellent
A- 9 Excellent
B 8 Very Good
B- 7 Good
C 6 Average
C- 5 Below Average
D 4 Poor
E 2 Failing

3 Evaluation Components (EC)

Component Description Weightage Given & Evaluated by
EC-1 Assignment / Quiz (online) 15% BITS Faculty
EC-2 Mid-Semester Test (2 Hours) 35% BITS Faculty
EC-3 Comprehensive Exam (3 Hours) 50% BITS Faculty

How is CGPA calculated in BITS Pilani?

It is crucial to highlight that a student’s CGPA reflects their academic achievements throughout the academic year. The cumulative unit points (credit points) acquired from all SGPA and the corresponding credit values (Unit points) for each semester are the key elements determining an individual’s CGPA.

The Mathematical Equation for CGPA Calculation at BITS Pilani –

CGPA = {(Ui * Gi) / Sum of Ui}

For Exemplification of Mathematical Equation –

Semester – Gi 10 * Ui 4

Semester – Gi 9.5 * Ui 4

Semester – Gi 9.4 * Ui 4

Semester- Gi 8.7 * Ui 4

Gi = Grade Point

Ui = Unit of Course (Credit Point)

= 10*4 + 9.5*4 + 9.4*4 + 8.7*4 = 150.4

Cumulative Ui = 4+4+4+4 = 16

CGPA = 150.4 / 16 = 9.4

What is a good CGPA in Bits Pilani?

At BITS Pilani, a CGPA of 8.0 (with 80 percent) or higher indicates strong academic performance. Nevertheless, the definition of a good CGPA may differ depending on individual objectives and program prerequisites.

What is the average CGPA for pursuing a degree at BITS?

To complete M.Tech. For programs in Bits Pilani University, students need to maintain a minimum CGPA of 5.50 with no ‘E’ grade in any course for B.Tech.

They should maintain a minimum CGPA of 4.50 for other programs with no ‘E’ grade in any course. 

Is it tough to get a 9 CGPA in BITS Pilani?

Getting a 9 CGPA at BITS Pilani is challenging but achievable with commitment, effort, and an affinity for the subjects.

What is the 73% mark in CGPA?

A score of 75% at BITS Pilani University is equivalent to a 7.89 CGPA on the 10-point grading scale, corresponding to a B- grade. 

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