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The B-Tech CGPA Calculator is a valuable tool for Bachelor of Technology students to determine their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) by entering their Course Grades and Credit Scores.

To calculate the CGPA, Input your credit scores and select your corresponding grade (A+, F) from the dropdown menu.
Our real-time Cumulative Grade Point Average calculator displays your CGPA at the top of the calculator and total quality points and total credit scores at the bottom.

Our calculator employs a process that eliminates any potential errors in calculating cumulative averages, guaranteeing accurate determination of educational standing.

B.Tech CGPA Calculator

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B-Tech Percentage Calculator

The B-Tech CGPA to percentage calculator converts CGPA to percentage. Our percentage convertor calculator can determine the B-Tech percentage by multiplying the CGPA by 9.5. This calculation provides an estimate of the marks obtained.

For Example;
CGPA = 8.5

Percentage = 8.5 * 9.5 = 80.75%

B-Tech Percentage Calculator

How to Calculate B-Tech Overall CGPA

To calculate your CGPA for B-Tech, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the grading scale, which ranges from 0 to 10.

Kindly refer to the table for the official B-Tech grading system based on CBSE that we use in our calculators and for calculating CGPA.

To calculate your CGPA, you must determine your credit scores and their corresponding grades. Multiply these to get your quality points. 

Next, divide the total quality points by the total value credit scores. This will give you your CGPA.

The Equation for CGPA Calculation in B-Tech:

CGPA Equation = {(Credit Score X Grade Points) 

 / Divided with total Credit Score}

For Exemplification: 

Let’s calculate the CGPA of a student with a four-semester degree program.

Semester 1st = 9.0 GPA * 3

Semester 2nd = 7.99 GPA * 2

Semester 3rd = 6.90 GPA * 2

Semester 4th = 8.55 GPA * 3

Total Quality Points= 9.0 * 3 + 7.99 * 2 + 6.90 * 2 +8.55 * 3 = 82.43

A sum of earned Credit Score= 3+2+2+3 = 10

Quality Points / Credit Scores = 82.43 / 10 = 8.24 CGPA

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Grading System Used For B-Tech

The B-Tech grading system confidently employs a 10-point scale where ‘A+’ represents exceptional achievement and ‘F’ signifies inadequate performance.

Below is a comprehensive Table illustrating the Grades and their corresponding Grade Points as per the official grading system of B-Tech.

Grade Grade Points Remarks
A+ 8.0 - 10 Excellent Performance
A 7.0 - 7.99 Very Good Performance
B+ 6.0 - 6.99 Good Performance
B 5.5 - 5.99 Satisfactory Performance
C+ 4.5 - 5.49 Fair Performance
C 4.0 - 4.49 Unsatisfactory Performance
F 0 - 3.99 Fail

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CGPA in B Tech?

In B-Tech courses, CGPA is the ultimate scorecard that evaluates students’ academic performance. It calculates a student’s average grade point in all subjects, excluding the additional ones.

Is a CGPA of 2.7 good in B-Tech?

You are ineligible for the B-Tech completion certificate as you need to possess the necessary qualifications. According to the B-Tech official grading system, grades ranging from 0-3.99 correspond to an F, meaning you have failed.

How to calculate B-Tech's final percentage?

By the standards set by CBSE, a precise calculation for B-Tech is to obtain the final percentage by multiplying the CGPA by a factor of 9.5. For Exemplification 9.89 CGPA * 9.5 = 93.9%.

How do you calculate the CGPA of all B-Tech semesters?

To calculate your CGPA, multiply the credit score by the grade to obtain quality points. Add all the quality points and divide them by the total credit score value to get your CGPA.

What is the B-Tech highest CGPA in India?

According to the B-Tech official grading system, grade points from 8.0-10 indicate A+ grades and excellent performance.

How do you convert a 10.0 CGPA to a percentage in B-Tech?

To convert CGPA into a percentage, For Exemplification: 

Multiply by 9.5: 10*9.5=95.5%

What is the best percentage in B-Tech?

The 60% to 70% is good for competitive exams and job opportunities.

Is a 4.0 CGPA good in B-Tech?

The current level of performance is low grade and requires a significant increase in effort and focus towards academic studies.

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