CDU GPA Calculator

The CDU GPA calculator is designed to assist Charles Darwin University students in calculating their GPA effortlessly. Our calculator uses a 7.0 grading scale, which aligns with the official grading system of Charles Darwin University for precise results. Simply enter your course name, credit points, and letter grade for each course, and repeat the process for all your courses.

CDU GPA Calculator


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CDU Grading System

This grading system helps you see your grade points based on your letter grade. Letter grades indicate how well you did in the course.

For more information check the Charles Darwin University official grading system.

Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
HD 7.0 High Distinction
D 6.0 Distinction
C 5.0 Credit
P 4.0 Pass
PS 4.0 Pass Supplementary
F 0.0 Fail
WF 0.0 Withdraw Fail

Refer to this table to find out your percentage based on your letter grade.

Letter Grade Marks (%)
HD 85% to 100%
D 75% to 85%
C 65% to 75%
P 50% to 65%
PS 47% to 50%
F 0 to 50%
PU 0
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