Chandigarh University CGPA Calculator

The Chandigarh University (CU) Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Calculator, which follows the official grading system of Chandigarh University that UGC approves, provides a convenient way to calculate and monitor academic progress.

Chandigarh University students widely regard the interface as one of the most user-friendly due to its intuitive design, which makes it accessible to all students regardless of their technical skills. This tool ensures accurate CGPA calculations with minimal effort.

Students at Chandigarh University can easily access their CGPA by simply entering necessary details in the given CGPA Calculator, such as letter grades, Grade Points, and Credit Points, into the Real-time calculator.

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Chandigarh University CGPA to Percentage Conversion

The CU CGPA to Percentage Converter offered by Chandigarh University is an essential tool for CU students seeking to transform their CGPA into percentages. The conversion from CGPA to percentage is straightforward: multiply your CGPA by 9.5. 

Students in grades IX and X can find this formula on the CBSE website. By entering your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), the calculator will accurately convert it into a percentage using the prescribed formula Chandigarh University (CU) established.

The formula for CGPA to Percentage Calculation

Percentage = CGPA * 9.5 

SGPA- CGPA = 8.7

Percentage% = 8.7 * 9.5 = 82.65%

Chandigarh University CGPA to Percentage

Chandigarh University Grading System

Chandigarh University rigorously enforces the Flexible Choice Based Credit-System (FCBCS), maintaining uniformity in assessing student progress using a 10-point grading scale and associated Grade Letters (A+ to I) across all semesters and academic terms.

The Grade Letter A+ denotes the highest achievable Grade Point (10) and corresponds to a percentage range of 80-100. If a student scores lower than 35% of the highest mark achieved in the class, the teacher will assign them a grade of ‘F.’

Please remember the following Table that provides a detailed summary of your scores and their corresponding Grade Points or Letters Grade based on CU’s official grading system.

Letter Grade Grade Point Performance
A⁺ 10 Outstanding
A 9 Excellent
B⁺ 8 Very Good
B 7 Good
C⁺ 6 Average
C 5 Below Average
D 4 Marginal
E 0 Exposed
F 0 Fail/Poor
I 0 Incomplete

Helpful Link: KTU CGPA Calculator

How to calculate CGPA in Chandigarh University?

It is important to emphasize that a student’s CGPA reflects their academic performance over the entire academic year. The cumulative credit points obtained from all SGPA and the corresponding credit values for each semester are the primary factors determining an individual’s CGPA.

The Equation for CGPA Calculation at CU –

CGPA = {(Gi * Ci) / Sum of Ci}

For Exemplification of Equation-

Semester 1 – Gi 10 * Ci 4

Semester 2- Gi 8.5 * Ci 4

Semester 3- Gi 9.3 * Ci 4

Semester 4- Gi 8.2 * Ci 3

Gi = Grade Point

Ci = Credit

Quality Points= 10*4 + 8.5*4 + 9.3*4 + 8.2*4 = 135.8

Cumulative Ci = 4+4+4+3 = 15

CGPA = 9.0 

How do you maintain a 7.5 CGPA at Chandigarh University?

To attain a 7.5 CGPA at Chandigarh University, attend classes regularly, engage in coursework, manage time effectively, seek professors’ guidance, and use available resources.

What does having an ‘E’ grade mean at Chandigarh University in India?

If a student attends 75% of the subject lectures but misses the End Semester Exam, it signifies an ‘E’ grade. They can take it next semester by paying the fee.

Does UGC recognize Chandigarh University?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has acknowledged Chandigarh University in India. 

How many marks are required to pass in Chandigarh University?

A student with a score exceeding 50% of the highest marks in the class will not be assigned an ‘F’ grade. A 50% or higher percentage counts as a passing position in class.

What is SGPA in Chandigarh University?

Chandigarh University assigns the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) upon completing one semester.

What is the CGPA requirement for the award of a degree at Chandigarh University?

A CGPA of 5.0 with a grade of C is the minimum requirement for conferring any Post-graduate degree at Chandigarh University in India.

What’s the Evolution system of Chandigarh University in India?

The University uses a ten-point letter grade system to reflect a student’s performance level in a course. At Chandigarh University in India, the assessors grade theory and practical papers for 100 marks each. The term-end examinations carry a 70% weightage, while the internal assessments carry a 30%. These grades are then used to calculate the SGPA and CGPA. Read more about Evolution System of Chandigarh University.

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