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The COMSATS GPA calculator helps the students of comsats university to calculate their Grade Point Average (GPA).

Our Comsats University GPA calculator is a breeze to use. Enter the credit hours and select your grade from the dropdown list.

Repeat this for all courses, and the GPA calculator will display the result in real-time at the top and bottom of the calculator—no need to press any buttons.

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Comsats GPA Calculator

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Comsats CGPA Calculator

COMSATS University calculates a Cumulative GPA (CGPA) to reflect a student’s overall academic performance throughout their academic journey.

The CGPA is the weighted average of all semester GPAs, where each semester’s GPA is multiplied by that semester’s corresponding total credit hours.

Still, it’s very simple with our Comsats CGPA calculator. Enter the total semester credit hours and select the overall grade for the semester. Don’t worry about calculation; all Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) calculations are done by our Comsats CGPA calculator on the backend. You will receive the result in real-time.

Comsats CGPA Calculator

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How to Calculate GPA in Comsats

Learn About Grade Points and Credit Hours 

Students must initially understand the COMSATS University grading point to calculate their GPA. Each course is given a specified amount of credits, representing the subject’s importance relative to the rest of the curriculum.

For Example, An ‘A’ grade might have a grading point of 4.0, while a ‘B’ grade could have a grade of 3.0.

Comsats GPA Calculation Formula 

Students may calculate their GPA using an easy method once they know their grades and credit hours for all their courses. The GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of (credit hours multiplied by grading points) for all courses by the total number of completed credits.

Mathematically, the formula can be represented as:

GPA = (Sum of (Credit Hours x Grading Points) for all courses) / (Total Credit Hours)

Here is an example:

  • Course 1: A (4.00 grade points) for 3 credit hours
  • Course 2: B+ (3.33 grade points) for 4 credit hours
  • Course 3: C (2.00 grade points) for 2 credit hours

GPA = (4.00 * 3 + 3.33 * 4 + 2.00 * 2) / (3 + 4 + 2) = 3.25

Comsats GPA Grading System

There are two types of grading systems at Comsats University:

Letter Grading System

COMSATS University follows the Letter grading system to assess students’ academic progress. The letter grades used in the grading system are “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” and “F,” with “A” being the highest and “F” marking failure in a course.

Grading Points

 The student with a grade of A will have a percentage above 90. The category of grade B fall between 84 to 74 percentage. The student who scored less than 50 percentage is considered to fail with an F grade. 

COMSATS University Islamabad uses the HEC Grading Criteria for calculating GPA. The grading criteria are as follows:

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Letter Grade With Grade Points and Grade Definition 

Letter Grades Grade Points Grade Definition
A 3.67 - 4.00 Excellent
A- 3.34 - 3.66 Very Good
B+ 3.01 - 3.33 Good
B 2.67 - 3.00 Satisfactory
B- 2.34 - 2.66 Passing
C+ 2.01 - 2.33 Credit
C 1.67 - 2.00 Barely Passing
C- 1.31 - 1.66 Marginal Pass
D+ 1.01 - 1.30 Failing
D 0.10 - 1.00 Almost Fail
F 0.00 Fail

Letter Grade with Marks Percentage

Letter Grades Marks Percentage Student Performance
A 85% to 100% Excellent
A- 80% to 84% Very Good
B+ 75% to 79% Good
B 71% to 74% Satisfactory
B- 68% to 70% Passing
C+ 64% to 67% Credit
C 61% to 63% Barely Passing
C- 58% to 60% Marginal Pass
D+ 54% to 57% Failing
D 50% to 53% Almost Fail
F Below 50% Fail

What are the CGPA criteria of Comsats?

A least 2.0/4.0 CGPA (semester system) or minimum 50% marks (year system) from an approved educational institution are required for a bachelor’s degree (14 years of education) in a related field with four years of work experience.

What is the marking scheme of comsats?

Percentage-Based Grading

COMSATS University uses a percentage-based grading system to evaluate students’ performance in various courses. Final grades for students are expressed as percentages and are based on how well they perform on assignments, tests, examinations, and other assessments.

Letter Grade and Grading Points

The percentage grades are converted to letter grades using a predetermined grading system. The quality of a student’s performance in that course is indicated by particular Grading Points that are allocated to each letter grade. These Grading Points determine the GPA and CGPA for each student.

What Is The 2c Policy Of Comsats?

Course Withdrawal

Under the 2C policy, students may drop a course if they expect a mark less than a “C.” This means that students can withdraw from a course if their performance is poor, and they expect to receive a grade of “C” or lower.

Limitations and Conditions

Typically, the 2C policy has some restrictions and conditions. The 2C option may only be available to students for some courses, and there may be limitations on how often they can use it over their academic career.

What is the CGPA Percentage for Comsats University Islamabad?

Bachelor’s degree (14 years of education) in the appropriate discipline, or an equivalent degree, from an approved educational institution with a least 2.0/4.0 CGPA (semester system) or minimum 50% marks (annual system).

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