Comsats Merit Calculator

There is no further need to search the merit list of Comstats; just put your marks of Matric, FSC, and NTS in the calculator below and view the programs where you can get Admission.

Comsats merit calculator is an online tool designed to accurately calculate merit and aggregate for Admission in Comsats, Lahore, and Islamabad campuses.

The merit calculator computes your aggregate and compares it to the previous merit of the COMSAT Islamabad campus.

Comsats Merit Calculator

Comsats Merit Calculator

Comsats Merit Criteria

Comsat’s merit criteria are different for different programs.

The aggregate merit for various programs is calculated as follows:

Undergraduate: for undergraduate candidates, it counts 10% of the results of Matric and 40% of intermediate.

Graduate: graduating students are required to count 5% Matric result, 10% intermediate, 25% BS, 40% GAT test, and 20% interview.

PhD: For a PhD, the criteria is to enter 5% Matric, 5% Inter, 15% BS, 20% MS, 25% GAT, and 30% interview.

Undergraduate Graduate PHD
10% Matric 5% Matric 5% Matric
40% Inter Or Equivalent 10% Inter Or Equivalent 5% Inter
50% NTS 25 % BS 4 year 15% BS 4 year
40% GAT (General) 20% MS
20% Interview 25% GAT (Subject)
30% Interview

How to Calculate Merit for Comsats?

To calculate the merit for Comsats University using the UAF Undergraduate Merit Formula, you can follow these steps:

UAF Undergrauate Merit Formula: {(Matric Obtain Marks/Matric Total Marks)*10} + {(Inter Obtain Marks/Inter Total Marks)*40} + {NTS Obtain Marks/NTS Total Marks)*50}


Matric Obtain Marks: 850

Matric Total Marks: 1100

Inter Obtain Marks: 800

Inter Total Marks: 1100

NTS Obtain Marks: 95

NTS Total Marks: 100

UAF Undergraduate Merit Calculation: {(850/1100)*10} + {(800/1100)*40} + {(95/100)*50}

UAF Undergraduate Merit: 7.72 + 29.09 + 47.5: 84.3%

For this example, UAF Undergraduate Merit is 84.3 % 

How Much Merit is Required for Comsats?

Aggregate merit for comsats is calculated by following specific merit rules which are set and listed above, but generally, Admission to the BS(AF) program requires;

  • An intermediate or equivalent (‘A’ Level) with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized institution. 
  • NTS-NAT test score of at least 50%.

How many marks are required in NTS for Admission to Comsats?

After eligibility for intermediate cleaning, you have to go through an NTS test and pass it with 50% marks. Candidates who clear all steps of the test and score 50% or more are eligible to apply for Admission.

  • After clearing all steps of the NTS test, you can apply for Admission to Comsats. Comsats count 50% of the aggregate of NTS tests.

What is Comsats Famous for?

Comsats is a vibrant and well-known university ranked among the top three universities in Pakistan.

The following subjects at comsats ranked high globally and also nationally that is;

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Computer Science 
  • Natural Science
  • Information Systems

The Department of Computer Science (CS), CUI, has been ranked first in Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in the Computer Science and IT category out of all 132 universities.

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