CUST GPA Calculator

The CUST GPA calculator helps you calculate your grade point average (GPA) at Capital University of Science & Technology. Your GPA is a measure of your academic performance, and it is calculated by averaging the grade points you have earned in your courses. The CUST GPA calculator uses a 4.0 grading scale.

To use the calculator, enter your letter grades and the credit hours for each course. CUST GPA calculator calculates your GPA and shows you the results on the top of the calculator.

The CUST GPA calculator is useful for tracking your academic progress and estimating your GPA for future semesters. It helps you make informed decisions about your course load.

CUST GPA Calculator



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CUST Grading Policy

The grading policy at Capital University of Science & Technology (CUST) aims to evaluate student learning and ensure fair and consistent grade allocation. This policy is based on the following principles:

  1. Accuracy: Grades accurately represent the student’s actual level of achievement.
  2. Fairness: Grades are fair to all students, regardless of their background or circumstances.
  3. Consistency: Grades maintain consistency across courses and semesters.

Grade Points Average Calculation

Students’ GPA is calculated by dividing the total grade points earned by the total credit hours attempted. For instance, if a student earns 120-grade points in 40 credit hours, their GPA would be 3.00.

For more information, check the official CUST Grading Policy.

Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Details
A 4.00 Excellent
A- 3.67 ---
B+ 3.33 Good
B 3.00 ---
B- 2.67 ---
C+ 2.33 Satisfactory
C 2.00 ---
C- 1.67 ---
D+ 1.33 Poor but passing
D 1.00 ---
F 0.0 Fail

Letter Grade With Marks (%)

Letter Grade Marks (%)
A 86% - 100%
A- 82% - 85%
B+ 78% - 81%
B 74% - 77%
B- 70% - 73%
C+ 66% - 69%
C 62% - 65%
C- 58% - 61%
D+ 54% - 57%
D 50% - 53%
F Below 50%

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete (I) grade is given to a student who fails to meet all course requirements due to uncontrollable reasons. The student must fulfill all requirements within the following semester; otherwise, the grade automatically converts to an F.

Withdrawal from Courses

During the add/drop period, students can withdraw from a course without any consequences. After this period, withdrawal results in a W grade, which does not affect their GPA.

Repeating Courses

Students have the option to retake a course they previously failed. The grade obtained in the repeated course will replace the original grade in the GPA calculation.


Students who believe they have been graded unfairly can appeal their grades to the department chair. The chair will review the grade and make a decision.

Letter Grade Grade Details
I Work in Progress
I Incomplete
N Continued
W Withdrawl
P Pass
NC No Credit
() Grade Replaced
S Satisfactory
US Unsatisfactory
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