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Greetings to all East-West University students! Are you in need of a quick and efficient way to calculate your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) according to the official grading system of East-West University? Look no further, as we have just what you need!

We are pleased to present our latest Real-time Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) calculator, tailored to adhere to the official grading system of East-West University (EWU). This tool assists you in accurately and efficiently calculating your CGPA, making it easier to monitor your academic progress.

Utilizing our user-friendly calculator can streamline the process and avoid manual computations, ensuring a stress-free experience while determining your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Our East-West University CGPA Calculators offer a seamless platform for entering Letter Grades and semester Credit, promptly delivering your CGPA with just a simple click.

EWU CGPA Calculator


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EWU GPA Calculator

Are you in need of a GPA calculator that provides real-time results? You have come to the correct place.

Thanks to this user-friendly tool, East-West University students can accurately calculate their Grade Point Average (GPA) without guesswork or errors. Input the essential data from your report card to compute your GPA.

By providing crucial information such as East-West University course Credits and Letter Grades [A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D, F], the calculator will generate an accurate evaluation of your Grade Point Average (GPA).

EWU GPA Calculator


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How is East West University CGPA Calculated?

All students at East-West University must comprehensively understand the grading scales that the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh has officially sanctioned(authorized).

The manual computation of CGPA and assuring students complete academic preparedness (overview) are fundamental prerequisites (condition). 

EWU’s grading scale closely aligns with letter grades ranging from A+ to F, along with special designations (W, U, I, P, R, S). This system accurately calculates the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from 0.00 to 4.00.

To calculate CGPA at East-West University in Bangladesh, students must familiarize themselves with the official grading scale used by EWU.

Mathematical Equation for CGPA Calculation at EWU in Bangladesh.

EWU CGPA = {Grade Point / Cumulative Credit}

Grade Point = {Sum (Credit * GPA) up}

A detailed explanation of calculating CGPA at EWU in Bangladesh:

  • Semester 1- (Credit 16 * GPA 4.00)
  • Semester 2- (Credit 13 * GPA 3.75)
  • Semester 3- (Credit 15 * GPA 3.80)
  • Semester 4- (Credit 14 * GPA 3.25) 

C = Credit 

GPA = Grade Point Average

Grade Points = {16*4.00 + 13*3.75 + 15*3.80 + 14*3.25} = 215.25

Cumulative Credit = {16 + 13 + 15 + 14} = 58

EWU CGPA = 215.24 / 58 = 3.71

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East West University (EWU) Grading System

East-West University has adopted a grading system endorsed by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, which is highly effective and meticulously structured. 

This system operates on a semester basis and utilizes a 4.00-point scale ranging from zero to four (0.00 – 4.00), seamlessly corresponding with letter grades A+ to F.

Specific letter grades denote exceptional circumstances, such as F* Failure, U* Unsatisfactory, I** Incomplete, P*** Pass, R** Retake, S*** Satisfactory, W** Withdrawal.

Please take a moment to review the Tables Presented Below as they comprehensively analyze your Marks, Grade Points (GP), corresponding Letter Grades and Percentage scores based on East-West University’s official grading system.

EWU Letter Grade With Grade Points

Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
A+ 4 Exceptional
A 3.75 Superior
A- 3.5 Very Good
B+ 3.25 Good
B 3 Satisfactory
B- 2.75 Marginal Pass
C+ 2.5 Low Pass
C 2.25 Pass
D 2 Failing
F 0 Fail

EWU Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Letter Grade Marks Percentage
A+ 80% - 100%
A 75% - 79%
A- 70% - 74%
B+ 65% - 69%
B 60% - 64%
B- 55% - 59%
C+ 50% - 54%
C 45% - 49%
D 40% - 44%
F 0% - 39%

EWU Letter Grade Without Numeric Value

Letter grade Grade definition
F Failure
U Unsatisfactory
I Incomplete
P Pass
R Repeat/Retake
S Satisfactory
W Withdrawal

Does the UGC Bangladesh approve of East-West University?

The University Grants Commission of Bangladesh has approved the East-West University. 

What is the Average GPA for East-West University?

Achieving a ‘C+’ grade signifies an average East-West University GPA of 2.50, indicating that the candidate has completed the exam with an average percentage between 50% and 55%.

What is the Minimum passing GPA for EWU?

The minimum grade point average (GPA) for EWU in Bangladesh is between 2.00, which signifies 40% to 45%.

What is the academic Dismissal rate at EWU?

Students with a CGPA below 1.0 after two semesters or during any subsequent semesters will face automatic dismissal from the university. Please improve their CGPA during probation to avoid dismissal.

What is the Acceptance Rate for East-West University?

The acceptance rate for undergraduate students at EWU is 2.25 CGPA, while graduate students have an acceptance rate of 2.60 CGPA.

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