GCU Merit Calculator

Are you wondering about your chances of admission in your desired field? No worries! Use the GCU aggregate calculator to determine your eligibility for acceptance without doing math by yourself.

GCU Merit Calculator is a tool used to calculate aggregate and merit in applied programs precisely.

The calculator is easy to use and provides precise results. Just straightforward and effective computations at one click of a button—no more effort, no more stress.

GCU Merit Calculator

GCU Merit Calculator

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How to Use GCU Merit Calculator?

The GCU merit calculator is straightforward to use by following the two steps below. 

  • Enter your Matric result scores out of 1100.
  • Then, Entre Total marks are obtained in intermediate out of 1100.
  • After that, enter the entry test total marks and obtain marks.
  • After entering details, click ‘calculate’ to get the aggregate result.

Also, it demonstrates how their exam results and grades meet the requirements for admission. Students can use this to choose which programs to apply to and how to improve their chances of being accepted.

Government College University (GCU) Merit Criteria

Merit Criteria for GCU are characterized as follows;

  1. Complete intermediate or equivalent education with at least 50%  result.
  2. Pass the entry test with 50% scores.

Admission Criteria For BS Sociology Program

Program Weightage
Matriculation/ O-Levels 10%
Intermediate/ A-Levels 40%
Entry Test 30%
Interview 20%

Admission Criteria For BSc Electrical Engineering program

Program Weightage
Intermediate 40%
Matriculation / O-Level 10%
Entry Test Marks 30%
Interview 20%

For Applicants With B. Sc (2-Year) or BTech (Pass) As The Highest Qualification

Program Weightage
BSc / BTech (Pass) 20%
Intermediate or equivalent 20%
Matriculation / O-Level 10%
Entry Test Marks 30%
Interview 20%

Admission Criteria For GCU Undergraduate Program

Program Weightage
Matriculation 10%
Intermediate or equivalent 30%
Entrance Test 40%
Interview 20%

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How is GCU Merit Calculated?

Government College University (GCU) merit can be calculated by adding intermediate scores and entry test result percentages.

GCU Undergraduate Merit Formula:

GCU Merit Formula= { ( Matric Obtain Marks/ Matric Total Marks) *10 } + { ( FSC Obtain Marks/ FSC Total Marks )*30} + { ( Entry Test Obtain Marks/ Entry Test Total Marks)* 40}+ { ( Interview Obtain Marks/ interview Total Marks)* 20} 


Matric Obtain Marks: 994

Matric Total Marks: 1100

FSC Obtain Marks: 847

FSC Total Marks: 1100

Entry Test Obtain Marks: 38

Entry Test Total Marks: 50

Interview Obtain Marks: 15

Interview Total Marks: 20

GCU Undergraduate Merit Calculation 

GCU Undergraduate Merit = {(994/1100)*10} + {(847/1100)*30} + {(38/50)*40} + {(15/20)*20}

GCU Undergraduate Merit = 9.03+30.8+22.8+15 = 77.63%

For this example, GCU Undergraduate Merit is 77.63%

What are the Merit Criteria of GCU BS?

The eligibility criteria of Government College University (GCU) for BS/BSCS/BFA Programs can be listed as; 

  1. At first, for admission, the candidate must clear HSSC with at least a score of 50%.
  2. Admission to some programs requires intermediate education in mathematics; these programs are;
    • BSC (Hons) in mathematics, statistics, physics, and electronics.
    • BS in Computer Science.
  1. Candidates who have a diploma in D.Com and DAE are eligible to apply to a few BS programs, but they can apply to;
    • BSC (Hons) from the physics department in Electronics.
    • B.Com (Hons) from the Department of Economics. 

How Much Percentage is required for GCU University?

Students who score at least 50% in HSSC and pass the entry test are willing to apply for admission. Government College University will then upload a merit list per the admission schedule.

Does GCU take an Entry Test?

Yes! GCU takes an entry test as admission criteria are based on both HSSC results and the entry test. It is a simple yet difficult test. Ensuring that only the top applicants are accepted is essential to the admissions process.

What are the Passing Marks of the GCU Entry Test?

To apply for admission, participants must clear the entry test with a minimum score of 50%.

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