Griffith GPA Calculator

Dear students of Griffith University(GU), We are delighted to present our user-friendly GPA Calculator, specifically designed for the students of Griffith University in Australia. 

Griffith GPA calculator uses the Griffith University official grading system, ensuring this calculator’s authenticity and ease of use. 

Griffith GPA Calculator calculates your Grade Point Average (GPA), which reflects your Trimester academic performance using Grade Points {GP}ranging from {0 to 7}and credit points{P}.

Please note that this calculator only considers Trimester (semester) numerical value {Grade Point} and does not consider non-numerical or competency-based grading. However, it will be a valuable tool throughout your academic journey at Griffith University(GU).

To utilize the Griffith GPA calculator seamlessly, please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Enter your course grades (HD, D, C, P, F) and their corresponding grade points {0.0-7.0}.
  2. Input the credit points for each course in their respective fields.
  3. Once you enter this essential information, click on the Calculate Griffith GPA button to instantly and seamlessly view your GPA results on the screen.

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Griffith GPA Calculator

Griffith GPA Calculator

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Griffith University (GU) Grading System

Griffith University (GU) emphasizes maintaining high academic standards while embracing diversity, innovation, and excellence for its students. In contrast to the Weighted Average Mark (WAM) system {1-100}, Griffith University employs a Grade Point Average (GPA) system that evaluates the quality of courses on a scale of {0 to 7}. 

Griffith University assigns grade points to each grade using a 7-point scale to calculate the GPA. The Classification of grades includes HD {High Distinction}, D {Distinction}, C {Credit}, P {Pass}, and F {Fail}.

  • To attain a High Distinction {HD}, students at Griffith must obtain a grade point of 7.0.
  • It is crucial to note that if a student’s GPA of 3 & falls below 3.0, they will receive an {F}, denoting failure. 

For further details regarding the official grading system at Griffith University(GU), including specific grades, corresponding grade points {GP}, result descriptions, and grades not considered in GPA calculations, please refer to the Table Below.

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Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
HD 7 High Distinction
D 6 Distinction
C 5 Credit
P 4 Pass
F 3 Fail
F 2 Fail
F 1 Fail
FNS 0 Fail (FNS)
WF 0 Withdrawn (WF)
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