HITEC Merit Calculator

Are you wondering about your merit and aggregate for admission at Heavy Industry Taxila Education City (HITEC)? Here is the solution!

HITEC merit calculator is an online tool designed to calculate merit according to the university’s latest criteria.

If you had a precise recent examination and entry test according to eligibility criteria, you can add these marks to the calculator to know your merit.

HITEC Merit Calculator

HITEC Merit Calculator

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HITEC Merit Criteria

Merit criteria for admission at HITEC Institute of Medical Science is determined by specific percentage weightage.

Merit Generation weightage includes 50%  result of MDCAT for NUMS, 40% of FSC or HSSC Pre-medical, and the last 10%  contains marks of SSC or Matric.

Program Weightage
SSC / Matric/ Equivalent 10%
HSSC / F.Sc (Pre-Medical)/Equivalent 40%
MDCAT for NUMS 50%

How to Calculate HITEC Merit Criteria

To calculate merit for HITEC University Taxila, you can follow these steps:

HITEC Undergraduate Merit Formula: { ( Metric Obtained Marks/ Matric Total Marks )* 10 + ( FSC Obtained Marks/FSC Total Marks)* 40 + ( MDCAT Obtained Marks/ MDCAT Total Marks)* 50) }


Matic Obtained Marks: 850

Matric Total Marks: 1100

FSC Obtained Marks: 900

FSC Total Marks: 1100

MDCAT Obtained Marks: 160

MDCAT Total Marks: 200

HITEC Undergraduate Merit Calculation:  {(850/1100)*10 + (900/1100)*40) + (160/200)*50)

HITEC Undergraduate Merit: 7.72 +32.72 + 40 = 80.44%

Undergraduate merit for HITEC University, in this example, is 80.44%.

Is it a must to clear the entry test for admission?

Yes! Students must appear in the PMC NMDCAT test and clear it with a minimum score of 60%.

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