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Greetings to all HSC candidates in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) GPA Calculator!

We are delighted to introduce our reliable GPA calculator that guarantees precise and swift calculations under the HSC Grading System established by Bangladesh’s official Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards.

Input your results, subject credits (subject numbers), and Grade Points with their corresponding Letter Grades into this outstanding GPA converter calculator, and obtain your GPA promptly.

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HSC Percentage Calculation

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) GPA to percentage conversion calculator is essential for Bangladesh students as it precisely converts GPA to percentages.

By inputting their achieved GPA, this calculator accurately computes percentages using the formula established by Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards. 

Mathematical Formulas for Percentage Calculation in Bangladesh:

The equation for GPA to Percentage Conversion

Percentage = {(Obtain GPA / Total GPA) * 100}

For Exemplification of Percentage Conversion:

GPA to Percentage = 4.4 / 5 * 100 = 88%

If you are busy studying and want to avoid this lengthy math, don’t worry! Please scroll down and enjoy our GPA to Percentage calculator. Just input your HSC GPA and our calculator provides your marks percentage in real time.

HSC GPA to Percentage Calculator

HSC Percentage Calculator

Welcome to our HSC percentage calculator. If you want to avoid lengthy calculation, just input your obtained HSC marks in the HSC percentage calculator, and our calculator calculate and show your HSC percentage within seconds. Scroll down and check the manual calculation of HSC percentage to understand how your HSC marks percentage is calculated.

The Formula for Marks to Percentage Conversion:

Percentage = {[Obtain Marks / Total Marks] 100}

For Exemplification of Percentage Conversion:

Marks to Percentage = 430 / 500 * 100 = 86%

HSC Percentage Calculator

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Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Grading System

Completing 11th and 12th grade entitles students to receive the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), which the Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards issue.

The implemented grading system seamlessly integrates a definitive 5-point scale ranging from 0 to 5 with their corresponding A+, A, A-, B, C, D, and F letter grades across all educational years.

  • The maximum achievable grade point is 5.0, corresponding to a percentage range of 80% – 100%.
  • Receiving an ‘F’ letter grade indicates failure with a corresponding grade point of 0.0 and signifies a percentage score below 32%.

We recommend that you consult the Table below for a comprehensive overview of your marks, grade points, and the corresponding letter grades or percentages based on the HSC official grading system to obtain a more detailed insight.

HSC Letter Grade With Grade Points

Letter Grade Grade Point Grade Remarks
A+ 5.0 Outstanding Performance
A 4.0 Great Job
A- 3.5 Very Good Work
B 3.0 Good Work
C 2.0 Satisfactory Work
D 1.0 Needs Improvement
F 0.0 Fail

HSC Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Letter Grade Marks Percentage
A+ 80% to 100%
A 70% to 79%
A- 60% to 69%
B 50% to 59%
C 40% to 49%
D 33% to 39%
F 0 to 32%

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How is the HSC GPA calculated in BD?

Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards provide the grading system for determining the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) GPA. Computing the HSC GPA follows a method similar to the Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

HSC students in BD must acquire a profound understanding of the grading scale that spans from 0 to 5 to calculate their GPA accurately.

Students can autonomously ascertain their GPA by acquainting themselves with the specific Subject names with codes, corresponding Letter Grades, and Grade Points affiliated with their respective institute educational disciplines (Science, Business Studies or Commerce, Humanities or Arts). 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to calculate your HSC GPA:

The Formula for GPA Conversion: 

GPA = {Cumulative GP / Total Credit}

Note; – In the HSC system of Bangladesh, students earn credits based on the number of subjects they attempt during their exams. Each subject carries equal value in terms of recognition, usually amounting to 1 credit.

Physics {A (4.0 GP)}. 

Chemistry {A- (3.5 GP)}. 

Mathematics {C (2.0 GP)}.

Biology {A- (3.5 GP)}. 

Psychology {A+ (5.0 GP)}. 

The Cumulative GP = {4.0+3.5+2.0+3.5+5.0} = 14.5

Total Credit Value = 5

Grade Point Average = 14.5 / 5 = 2.9 

What is the educational attainment level of HSC in Bangladesh?

Upon completion of grades eleven (XI) and twelve (XII), students receive the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), which is equivalent to an intermediate or pre-university level.

Is there any age limit for studying in HSC in Bangladesh?

No age restrictions exist for pursuing studies or appearing in the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination.

What subject is mandatory for all groups in HSC Bangladesh?

HSC Bangladesh has three compulsory subjects: Bengali, English, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

What is the golden A+ in HSC result?

In the HSC exam, students can earn 5 grade points and achieve a percentage score of 80 to 100 to obtain an A+ grade.

How many grades are there in the HSC results?

There is a 5-point grading scale with seven letter grades (A+, A, A-, B, C, D, F).

What is the minimum HSC GPA in BD?

The lowest possible letter grade is a D, corresponding to a grade point of 1.0 and a percentage score of 33% – 39%.

What is the most challenging subject in HSC?

Subject difficulty levels vary based on interests, strengths, and career goals. Additionally, what one student finds challenging, another may excel in. Overall, Mathematics is the most challenging subject.

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