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Welcome to the IIUI GPA Calculator, the IIUI GPA calculator developed by our developer based on the official International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) grading system. This calculator is an essential tool for students, providing valuable insights to students of IIUI to track their academic performance.

It can help you set objectives and make informed decisions about your courses. This handy online tool allows you to confidently stay on top of your grades and achieve your educational goals.

Our calculator is user-friendly and straightforward to use. To calculate your grade point average (GPA), enter the credit hours and choose the letter grade for each course from the dropdown list of the IIUI GPA calculator.

Our calculator automatically updates in real time, displaying the result at the top (total GPA) and bottom (Current GPA, total credit hours, and total quality points you have earned). Without any additional procedures, the process can be executed effortlessly.

IIUI GPA Calculator


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IIUI CGPA Calculator

IIUI CGPA Calculator


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How to Calculate GPA in IIUI?

Calculating your grade point average (GPA) at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) is a straightforward process that anyone can do! First, it’s essential to understand the grading system and follow a systematic approach.

  • You’ll need to know the credit hours assigned to each course, which usually range from 1 to 4, depending on the course’s complexity and significance. 
  • IIUI uses a 4.0 scale for letter grades, with A being the highest grade for excellent performance and F indicating failure. With this knowledge, you can easily calculate your GPA and achieve your academic goals.

Each letter grade has an associated numerical value, and all are shown in the given Table below under the grading system.

After obtaining this information, the next step in calculating your grade point average (GPA) is determining your grade points for each subject. 

To calculate Quality Points for a course:

  1. Multiply the value by the Course Credit Hours.
  2. Repeat for all courses taken and add up the Quality Points earned.
  3. Divide the total by the number of credit hours taken.

To accurately calculate your GPA at International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), you need to divide the sum of your grades by the total number of credit hours attempted. 


[ (Credit Hours X Grade Points) sum them] / (divide by the total value of Credit Hours)


  • Course 1; A (4.00 GP) 4 – Credit Hours. 
  • Course 2; B (3.00 GP) 3- Credit Hours.
  • Course 3; A (4.00 GP) 4- Credit Hours.
  • Course 4; B+ (3.50 GP) 3- Credit Hours.
  • Course 5; C+ (2.50 GP) 2- Credit Hours.

(4.00 * 4 + 3.00 * 3 + 4.00 * 4 + 3.50 * 3 + 2.50 * 2) = 56.5

Total Credit Hours = (4+3+4+3+2) = 16

GPA = 56.5 / 16 = 3.53

Note; It is important to note that calculating grade point average (GPA) helps individuals gauge their academic performance and provides feedback on their progress throughout their studies at International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).

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IIUI Grading System

The allocation of Letter Grades and Grade Points for a course is predicated on the student’s achievement in the final examination and their semester work.

The International Islamic University Islamabad utilizes the HEC Grading Criteria to calculate the Grade point average (GPA).

IIUI Letter Grading System

The International Islamic University Islamabad uses the Letter Grading System to evaluate students’ academic advancement in Grade point average (GPA). It’s pretty simple.

The grading system incorporates letter grades ranging from A to F, with A indicating the highest level of achievement (4.00) and F denoting failure in a particular course.

IIUI Grading Points System

Students who receive an A grade will have a percentage above 98, while those who fall in the B+ category will have a ratio between 75 and 79. 

Students who score less than 50 percent are considered to have failed with an F grade.

Below is a comprehensive analysis of the scores, corresponding letter grades, and grade points.

Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
A 4.0 Excellent
B+ 3.5 Very good
B 3.0 Good
C+ 2.5 Satisfactory
C 2.0 Passing
D+ 1.5 Near passing
D 1.0 Failing
F 0.0 Failure

Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Grade Marks Percentage
A 98% to 100%
B+ 75% to 79.99%
B 70% to 74.99%
C+ 65% to 69.99%
C 60% to 64.99%
D+ 55% to 59.99%
D 50% to 54.99%
F Below 50%

IIUI Minimum Passing Marks For Different Programs

A minimum score of 60% is essential to qualify for the BS program.
For the M. A/M.Sc./MBA program, a score of at least 60% is necessary.

Similarly, for the MS/M.Phil. /LLM program, a minimum score of 65% is mandatory, and the Ph.D. program must have a score of at least 70%.

Program Marks Percentage
BS 60%
MA/M.Sc/MBA 60%
MS/M.Phil/LLM 65%
PhD 70%
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