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Greetings to all students at James Cook University (JCU). Introducing our user-friendly GPA Calculator, meticulously crafted for James Cook University (JCU) students in Australia. 

The JUC Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator uses the official grading scale within the James Cook University system, ensuring authenticity and user-friendly operation. 

The Grade Point Average (GPA) represents academic performance based on Grade Points {1.5-7}, and the Credit Points and the calculators do not consider non-numerical marks or competency-based grading. 

Our GPA calculator for JCU students empowers you to determine your GPA quickly in real time, providing valuable support throughout your academic journey at the university. 

Please ensure that you complete the following three steps outlined below to utilize the GPA calculator.

  • Select your course grades (HD, D, C, P, F, X, FW) and corresponding grade points.
  • Input your credit points in the designated fields. 
  • Once this essential information is input, click the Calculate JCU GPA button to view your GPA results promptly on the screen.

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JCU GPA Calculator

JCU GPA Calculator

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James Cook University (JCU) Grading System

James Cook University (JCU) places great importance on upholding high academic standards while embracing diversity, innovation, and excellence. Instead of relying on the Weighted Average Mark (WAM) system {1-100}, JCU utilizes a Grade Point Average (GPA) system ranging from {0 to 7} to evaluate the quality of courses.

JCU assigns numerical values to every grade using a 7-point scale to calculate the GPA. The classifications include High Distinction (HD), Distinction (D), Credit (C), Pass (P), and Fail (F). 

  • To achieve a High Distinction{HD}, JCU students must obtain a grade point of 7.0 with a percentage between 85% and 100%.
  • It is important to note that if a student’s GPA falls below 4.0 or exceeds 50%(below), they will receive an {F}, indicating failure. 

Please refer to the table below for further information about the James Cook University (JCU) official grading system, including specific grades, corresponding grade point {GP}, result descriptions, and grades not factored into GPA calculations.

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Grade Grade Point Grade Definition
HD 7 High Distinction
D 6 Distinction
C 5 Credit
P 4 Pass
PC 3
SP 4 Supplementary Pass
N 1.5 Not Passed
X 0 Absent from Examination
F 1.5 Fail
FW 1.5
Grade Numeric Value
HD 85%-100%
D 75%-84%
C 65%-74%
P 50%-64%
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