JSC GPA Calculator

The Junior School Certificate (JSC) represents the academic milestone achieved by students upon completion of 8th grade in Bangladesh.

We are excited to introduce our reliable JSC Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator. Our GPA calculator ensures accurate and speedy calculations based on the grading system set by Bangladesh’s official Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards. 

Using our JSC GPA Calculators, you can accurately determine your academic standing without inaccuracies in manual calculations.

With the assistance of this GPA converter calculator, students can easily input them 

  • Subject names (codes).
  • Letter Grades.

To obtain their GPA quickly and efficiently.

JSC GPA Calculator

JSC GPA Calculator

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JSC Marks to Percentage Calculator

The conversion of JSC Marks to Percentage is an essential undertaking for students in Bangladesh. This conversion tool assumes a significant role in aiding them to ascertain their percentage scores accurately. 

Through the simple input of their obtained Marks, students can utilize this calculator to compute the corresponding percentage automatically. 

This calculator employs the fundamental formula the Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards prescribes.

The Formula for Marks to Percentage Conversion

JSC Percentage = {(Obtained Marks 100) / Entire Marks}

In-depth Exemplification 

Obtained Marks = 630

Entire Marks = 700

Marks to Percentage Conversion = 630 * 100 / 700 = 90%

JSC Marks to Percentage Calculator

JSC GPA to Percentage Calculator

The Mathematical Formula for GPA to Percentage Conversion

JSC Percentage = {[Obtained GPA *100] / Entire GPA}

In-depth Exemplification 

Obtained GPA = 4.5

Entire GPA = 5.0

GPA to Percentage Conversion = 4.5 * 100 / 5 = 90%

JSC GPA to Percentage Calculator

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JSC Grading System

The Junior School Certificate (JSC) in BD uses the grading system given by the Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards. The grading system comprises a letter grade and its corresponding grade point on a 0.0 to 5.0 scale. 

The JSC’s official Grade Point Average system runs smoothly and effectively. They employ a well-defined 5-point grading scale ranging from zero to five (0-5), with seven corresponding letter grades in the JSC examination: {A+, A, A-, B, C, D, and F}.

Kindly consult the Table presented Below for an exhaustive breakdown of your 

  • Marks 
  • Grade Points
  • Corresponding Letter Grades 
  • Percentage 
Letter Grade Grade Point Marks (%)
A+ 5.0 80% to 100%
A 4.0 70% to 79%
A- 3.5 60% to 69%
B 3.0 50% to 59%
C 2.0 40% to 49%
D 1.0 33% to 39%
F 0.0 Below 32%

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How is GPA calculated in JSC?

JSC students can figure out their GPA by getting familiar with the 0-5 JSC official grading scale, subject codes, letter grades associated with them, and grade points connected to their academic programs. 

To calculate your JSC GPA, add all the earned grade points in each subject and divide that sum by the total number of credits obtained in those subjects.

The Mathematical Formula for GPA calculation in the JSC exam:

JSC GPA = {Cumulative Grade Points / Entire Credits}

Note; – The Bangladesh Official Grading System values each subject at one (1) credit and gives them equal significance.

In-depth Exemplification of Manual GPA calculation

Suppose you have received the following grades in your Junior School Certificate (JSC) exams:

  • Bangla: A+ (5.0)
  • Science: B (3.0)
  • Religion Studies: A+ (5.0)
  • ICT: A- (3.5)
  • English: A (4.0)
  • Mathematics: A- (3.5)

A Cumulative Grade Points = 5.0 + 3.0 + 5.0 + 3.5 + 4.0 + 3.5 = 29 GP

Total Credits = 6

JSC GPA = 29 / 6 = 4.83

What’s the grading system used for Bangladesh’s Junior School Certificate (JSC)? 

JSC Bangladesh utilizes letter grades such as A+, A, A-, B, C, D, and F, corresponding to rates ranging from 5.00 to 0.00 in their grading system.

What is the method used to calculate JSC GPA? 

The calculation involves converting letter grades into grade points and finding the average grade points for all subjects using the formula {(Total Grade Points) divided by (Total Credits)}.

In Bangladesh, what is the minimum JSC GPA?

The lowest attainable letter grade is a D, equivalent to a grade point of 0.0 and a percentage range of 33% to 39%.

Can I calculate my JSC GPA manually?

Yes, The JSC official grading system provides a GPA formula that one can use to calculate their JSC GPA manually. Above is a step-by-step guide on manually calculating your GPA in Bangladesh.

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