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Welcome to the Karachi University GPA Calculator! This online tool is designed to assist you in unlocking your academic potential. Our grade point average (GPA) calculator is designed by our developers using the official Grading System of Karachi University.

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Just Karachi University students need to input the Course Names, Credit Hours, and Corresponding Letter Grades, and within no time, their GPA (Grade Point Average) will be generated.

Our Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator presents the overall GPA prominently at the beginning while placing the Credit Hours and Quality Points at the bottom of the calculator.

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How to Calculate GPA at Karachi University?

To calculate your GPA at Karachi University accurately, carefully reviewing all grading information below is essential. And have a comprehensive understanding of the university’s grading system.

Follow the steps below to calculate your Karachi University GPA by calculation. The GPA calculation helps you to understand how this process work. 

GPA Calculation Requirements

  • To calculate your GPA, you must obtain the Credit Hours assigned to each course. (which are available on your academic transcript or course syllabus). 
  • You can then determine your Grade Point for each course by referring to the university’s grading scale. Karachi University employs a 4-point GPA scale for its grading system.

Note: Remember that an A+ is worth 4.00 Grade Points, while a B+ is worth 3.4 grade points.

  • After Multiplying each course’s Grade Points by the respective Credit Hours. 
  • Now you will receive the quality points obtained for each semester.
  • Repeat this procedure for all your semester courses and Summarize all the Quality Points. 
  • Divide the total Quality Points by your attempted Credit Hours to determine your GPA.

GPA Calculation Formula

GPA= {(Credit Hours of the Course) X (Corresponding Grade Point Value) / By The Total Values of Credit Hours}

For Example:

  • Course 1: A+ (4.00) *3 Cr Hrs. 
  • Course 2: A- (3.8) *3 Cr Hrs.
  • Course 3: A+ (4.00) *3 Cr Hrs.
  • Course 4: B- (2.8) *1 Cr Hrs. 
  • Course 5: B+ (3.4) *2 Cr Hrs.
  • Course 6: C+ (2.4) *2 Cr Hrs.

Total Quality Points = (4.00 * 3 + 3.8 * 3 + 4.00 * 3 + 2.8*1 + 3.4 * 2 + 2.4 * 2) = 49.8

Total Credit Hours = (3+3+3+1+2+2) = 14

Semester GPA = 49.8 / 14 = 3.55

Karachi University Grading Policy

The Semester System is implemented at Air University to evaluate students’ academic progress. Students’ academic performance is evaluated using two types of averages, the Grade Point Average (GPA) and the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). 

It is imperative to note that Karachi University strictly employs a 4-point GPA scale. 

Note: The Table Below demonstrates the correlation between Letter Grades and their corresponding Grade Points for both Honors and Master’s degree programs.

Helpful Link: Air University GPA Calculator

Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
A+ 4.0 Outstanding achievement
A 4.0
A- 3.8 Very good achievement
B+ 3.4 Good achievement
B 3.0 Satisfactory achievement
B- 2.8 Fairly satisfactory achievement
C+ 2.4 Adequate achievement
C 2.0 Pass
C- 1.8 Marginal pass
D+ 1.4 Below pass
D 1.0
F 0.0 Fail

Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Grade Marks Percentage
A+ 90% - 100%
A 85% - 89%
A- 80% - 84%
B+ 75% - 79%
B 71% - 74%
B- 68% - 70%
C+ 64% - 67%
C 61% - 63%
C- 57% - 60%
D+ 53% - 56%
D 45% - 52%
F Below 45%

Karachi University Credit Hours Distribution

Program Credit Hours
B.A/B.Sc (Hons) 84
BS 144
BBA(H) 114
B.A (Hons) 111
M.A 75
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