Karachi University Merit Calculator

Calculate aggregate and merit for 2024 admission to Karachi University by entering your marks without any uncertainty.

Karachi University Merit Calculator is an online tool used to calculate merit and determine the chance of selection in applied programs.

Ensure you have details of recent exams and entrance tests; you need these figures to get the accurate desired result.

Karachi University Merit Calculator

Karachi University Merit Calculator

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Karachi University Merit Criteria

Merit criteria for admission at KU depend on the marks obtained in the previous examination and the entrance test.

Clear your HSSC and entry test with a minimum 50% score to enter the competition.

For Undergraduate students, Karachi University counts 40% of FSC result scores and 60% of entrance test scores for merit calculation.

Program Weightage
F.Sc 40%
Entrance Test 60%

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How to Calculate Karachi University Merit

To calculate admission merit for the University of Karachi, you can follow these steps:

Karachi University Undergraduate Merit Formula: {(FSC Obtained Marks/FSC Total Marks)* 40) + (Entrance Test Obtained Marks/Entrance Test Total Marks)* 60) 


FSC Obtained Marks: 950

FSC Total Marks: 1100

Entry Test Obtained Marks: 75

Entry Test Total Marks: 100

Undergraduate Merit Calculation: {(950/1100)*40) + (75/100)*60)}

Undergraduate Merit:  34.54 + 45 = 79.54 %

For this example, Karachi University’s undergraduate merit is 79.54%.

Is it important to appear in the Karachi University entry test?

Yes! Admission merit is based on 60% marks of the entrance test, so it is a must to appear in the test and clear it with a minimum of 50% scores to have a chance of selection.

How many marks are required for admission at Karachi University?

Selection of students will be strictly on a merit basis. Before selection for being eligible for admission, you must have at least 50% of your scores in the previous examination and 50% marks in the entry test.

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