KFUEIT Merit Calculator

Are you Looking for merit calculation for admission at Khawaja Fareed UEIT? Here is a stress-free solution! 

KFUEIT Merit Calculator is an online tool that you can use to calculate your merit and aggregate it as per the latest merit criteria. Use a merit calculator and Enter information on your academic and entry test marks to get your result.

KFUEIT Merit Calculator

KFUEIT Merit Criteria

Khwaja Fareed UEIT Admission merit criteria are different for different programs. To secure admission, meet the university merit criteria. Otherwise, your admission will be denied.

For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Engineering Non-Engineering Programs

For merit calculation, it counts 25% of matric marks, 45% of intermediate part-1 marks, and 30% of aptitude test marks.

Program Weightage
Matric 25%
Intermediate 45%
Aptitude Test 30%

Undergraduate Engineering and Technology Programs

For merit calculation, It counts 17% of Matric marks, 50% of Intermediate part-1 marks and 33% of Aptitude test scores.

Program Weightage
Matric 17%
Intermediate 50%
Aptitude Test 33%

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For Graduate Students

Bachelor Merit Formula

For bachelor admission merit, universities consider 40% of BS scores, 30% of KFGAT/GAT test scores and 30% of interview marks.

Program Weightage
BS 40%
KFGAT/GAT Test 30%
Interview 30%

Masters Merit Formula

For the Master 2-year course, they take 20% bachelor scores, 20% Master record, 30% KFGAT/GAT test scores and 30% interview marks.

Program Weightage
Bachelor 20%
Master 20%
KFGAT/GAT Test 30%
Interview 30%

For Post Graduate Programs

Admission merit weightage for postgraduate programmes includes 40%  academic records,  30% KFGAT/GAT test scores and 30% interview marks.

Program Weightage
Bachelor (14 Years) 10%
Master (16 Years) 10%
MS/M.Phil 20%
Undergraduate (04 Years) 20%
MS/M.Phil 20%
KFGAT/GAT Test 30%
Interview 30%

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How to Calculate KFUEIT Merit Criteria

You can follow these steps to calculate admission merit for Khawaja Fareed UEIT of Rahim Yar Khan.

KFUEIT Undergraduate Merit Formula: { ( Matric Obtained Marks/ Matric Total Marks )* 25 ) + ( FSC Part-1 Obtained Marks/ FSC Part-1 Total Marks)*45) + ( Aptitude Test Obtained Marks/ Aptitude Test Total Marks) * 30 ) } 


Matric Obtained Marks: 900

Matric Total Marks: 1100

FSC Part-1 Obtained Marks: 950

FSC Part-1 Total Marks: 1100

Aptitude Test Obtained Marks: 85

Aptitude Test Total Marks: 100

KFUEIT Undergraduate Merit Calculation: {(900/1100)*25 + (950/11100)*45 + (85/100 )*30}

KFUEIT Undergraduate Merit: 20.45 + 38.86 + 25.5 = 84.81%

For this example, the KFUEIT merit criteria for undergraduate students is 84.81%.

Is an Entry Test Required for KFUEIT admission?

Yes! Admission merit relies on the percentage of entry test marks, so you can not skip it.

What are the terms KFAT, KFGAT & KFEAT?

KFAT refers to the Khwaja Fareed Aptitude Test. KFGAT refers to the Khwaja Fareed Graduate Assessment Test. KFEAT refers to the Khwaja Fareed Engineering Aptitude Test.

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