Kicsit Merit Calculator

Calculating accurate merit and aggregate is equally important to notice along with other university admission criteria.

Kicsit Merit Calculator is an online tool designed for Kiscit students to calculate their merit and aggregate according to the institute’s latest merit criteria.

You can measure merit by putting details of your marks in the Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (KICSIT) merit calculator without making manual calculations or mistakes.

Kicsit Merit Calculator

Kicsit Merit Calculator

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Kicsit Merit Criteria

Merit weightage for admission at Kicsit University Kahuta depends on final marks obtained in FSC and entry test percentage.

Kicsit University considers NTS test scores for merit; NTS arranges the NAT-1 test for Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (KICSIT) students from the HSSC syllabus.

For Undergraduate Students, ( BSCE and BSCS ) admission merit counts for 70% of results of HSSC/DAE and 30% of scores of the NAT-1 test.

Program Weightage
NAT Test 30%

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How to Calculate Kicsit Merit

To calculate your merit and aggregate for admission at Kicsit University, you can follow up with the below steps;

Kicsit Undergraduate Merit Formula: { ( Marks Obtained in HSSC/ Total Marks of HSSC )* 70 ) + ( Marks Obtained in NAT-1 test/ Total Marks of NAT-1 test )* 30 )


HSSC Marks Obtained: 950

HSSC Total Marks: 1100

NAT-1 Marks Obtained: 80

NAT-1 Total Marks: 100

Kicsit Undergraduate Merit Calculation: {(950/1100)*70) + ( 80/100)*30)}

Kicsit Undergraduate Merit: 60.45 + 24.00 = 84.45%

Kicsit University BS merit for this example is 84.45% 

Is there any entry test for admission to Kicsit?

Yes! Applicants have the opportunity to apply for admission to Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (KICSIT) on two basis:

  • They can apply on the KICSIT NTS Test ( NAT-1 ) Conducted on KICSIT.
  • Or by applying any in the NAT/ECAT/NED/NET/SAT-II/HAT performed by NTS.

How many marks are required in the Kicsit Entry Test?

A minimum of 50% marks is required to get in the KICSIT NTS test to be eligible to secure admission.

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