King Edward Merit Calculator

Are you curious about your merit and aggregate calculation for admission to King Edward Medical University, Lahore?

Before the finalisation of the result by the university, you can calculate it by yourself if you have details of your Matric, FSC, and Mdcat/SAT marks.

King Edward merit calculator is an online tool to calculate your admission merit according to the latest criteria.

Calculate your merit and easily learn about your chances in the applied subject.

King Edward Merit Calculator

King Edward Merit Calculator

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King Edward Merit Criteria

Students who first meet their eligibility criteria of 60% marks in intermediate and 60% marks in MDCAT/SAT also have to meet merit criteria for admission at King Edward.

The weightage of marks for aggregate calculation is distributed as follows;

  • 10% of Metric Obtained Marks
  • 45% of Intermediate Obtained Marks
  • 45% of Mdcat/SAT Obtained Marks
Program Weightage
Matric 10%
F.Sc 45%

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How to Calculate King Edward Merit

To calculate your merit according to the latest merit criteria of King Edward, you can follow these steps.

King Edward Undergraduate Merit formula: {( Matric obtained marks/ Matric total marks)*10 ) + ( FSC obtained marks/ FSC total marks )*45 ) + ( MDCAT/SAT obtained marks/ MDCAT/SAT total marks) }


Matric Obtained Marks: 950

Matric Total Marks: 1100

FSC Obtained Marks: 1010

FSC Total Marks: 1100

MDCAT/SAT Obtained Marks: 110

MDCAT/SAT Total Marks: 200

King Edward Undergraduate Merit Calculation: { ( 950/1100 )*10 ) + ( 1010/1100)* 45) + ( 110/200 )* 45 ) }

King Edward Merit: 8.63% + 41.31% + 24.75%

Merit: 74.69%

King Edward’s undergraduate merit is 74.69% for this example.

How Much Merit is Required for King Edward Medical University?

Students who have their education in FSC pre-medical with a minimum of 65% marks and score 65% on the MDCAT test are eligible for admission to King Edward.

Besides this, last year’s closing merit for MBBS in King Edward was above 92.2%, so try hard to meet this merit to get admission.

How Many Seats Are There in King Edward Medical College?

For MBBS at King Edward Medical College, they have a limited 302 seats for eligible students who meet their admission merits.

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