Madras University CGPA Calculator

The Madras University GPA Calculator is a tool designed to help students easily calculate their Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). It simplifies the process outlined in the university’s grading system, which uses credits and grade points to measure academic performance.

For each semester, the calculator takes the number of credits earned (Ci) for each course (i) and multiplies it by the respective grade point (Gi) obtained in that course. The sum of these products is then divided by the total number of credits taken in the semester, resulting in the GPA for that specific semester.

Madras University CGPA Calculator

Madras University CGPA Calculator

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Madras University Grading System

The University of Madras follows a Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with a grading system based on earned grade points.

Passing Requirements:

  • Minimum of 40% in both internal assessment (ESE) and the maximum marks of each paper/course.
  • Minimum credits earned depend on the program duration:
    • Three-year program: Best 140 credits across various categories.

Grades and Grade Points:

  • Grades range from O (Outstanding) to U (Re-appear).
  • Each grade corresponds to a specific grade point range (e.g., O: 9.0-10.0).

Calculating GPA and CGPA:

  • Semester GPA: Sum of (course credits x course grade points) divided by total course credits in that semester.
  • CGPA: Sum of (course credits x course grade points) for the entire program divided by total program credits.


  • CGPA determines the final result classification:
    • First Class with various distinctions (Exemplary, Distinction) for high CGPA ranges.
    • Second Class and Third Class for lower CGPA ranges.
    • U (Re-appear) for students not meeting the minimum grade point requirement.

Additional Notes:

  • The minimum passing requirement for the first three years in five-year integrated programs is 40%, while it’s 50% for the final two years.
  • Eligibility for First Class with Distinction and Exemplary requires passing all courses on the first attempt within the prescribed timeframe.

Madras University Grading System With Letter Grade and Grade Points

Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
O 9.0-10.0 Outstanding
D+ 8.0-8.9 Excellent
D 7.5-7.9 Distinction
A+ 7.0-7.4 Very Good
A 6.0-6.9 Good
B 5.0-5.9 Average
C 4.0-4.9 Satisfactory
U 0 Re-appear

Madras University Grading System With Letter Grade and Marks

Letter Grade Marks
O 90-100
D+ 80-89
D 75-79
A+ 70-74
A 60-69
B 50-59
C 40-49
U 0-39
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