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Welcome to North South University CGPA Calculator! This CGPA calculator is mainly replicated by North South University’s official grading system. The North South University CGPA Calculator assists students in calculating their CGPA accurately at North South University.

Whether you are a newcomer or an old candidate at North-South University, you can take advantage of this tool’s exceptional features, like its convenient way to calculate accurate grades. See how it can simplify your academic life by trying it right now!

You can determine your North South University cumulative grade point average (CGPA) by adding your course credits and grades to this hassle-free calculator.

North South University (NSU) CGPA Calculator


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North South University (NSU) GPA Calculator

North South University (NSU) GPA Calculator


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North South University (NSU) CGPA to Percentage

North South University (NSU) CGPA to Percentage

First, to convert CGPA to percentage, a student must be aware of the university grading scale and their CGPA. The highest CGPA on the NSU grading scale is 4.0.

Formula to calculate CGPA to Percentage:

Percentage = (obtained CGPA / 4.0) x 100

Example Conversion: 

Let’s say your CGPA at NSU is 3.50. 

Percentage = (3.50 / 4.0) x 100 Percentage = 0.875 x 100 Percentage = 87.5%

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NSU Grading Policy

North South University uses grade letters (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F*, I**, and W**), which specifies students performances fairly. The university grading system enforces four grading points per credit to classify the students into first, second, and third classes. This grading system also covers the numerical score alongside their grading points. A numerical score of any student in the NSU grading system represents fast and fair student results. 

The -ve and +ve signs with grade letters indicate 0.3-grade point addition or subtraction to 4-grade points.

For example, the grading letter B specifies grading point 3. B- will indicate 2.7, while B+ represents 3.3.

Students with an “A” grade letter represent class “First” by getting “4” grade points for having 93 or above numerical scores. 

A “B” or lower grade student must retake the course with a grading point below 3. 

“F” indicates the numerical score of a student below 60 with failure and * represents that this course credit can’t be applied for graduation, with two “**” indicating that these grade course credits could not be applied for graduation and will not be included in the calculation of the grade point average.

Grade “I” indicates incomplete course credits by the student due to any circumstance and they should replace it within one semester. 

Grade W” is assigned to those who permanently drop that course between the third and twelfth weeks of the semester. 

Recognizing that the table below contains exact and correct data is critical.

Here is a clear explanation of your grades. 

  • Clarifying the numerical score, 
  • Grade points,  
  • Letter grading
  • Classes earned by students 

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NSU Letter Grade With Grade Points

Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
A 4.0 Excellent
A- 3.7 Very Good
B+ 3.3 Good
B 3.0 Satisfactory
B- 2.7 Marginal
C+ 2.3 Adequate
C 2.0 Average
C- 1.7 Below Average
D+ 1.3 Poor
D 1.0 Minimal Mastery
F 0.0 Failure

NSU Special Grades

Letter Grade Grade Definition
I** Incomplete
W** Withdrawal

NSU Letter Grade With Numerical Scores

Letter Grade Numerical Scores
A 93 to 100
A- 90 to 92
B+ 87 to 89
B 83 to 86
B- 80 to 82
C+ 77 to 79
C 73 to 76
C- 70 to72
D+ 67 to 69
D 60 to 66
F Below 60

How to Calculate NSU CGPA?

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) measures your overall academic performance at North South University. The NSU follows the 4.0 grading scale and letter grades A to F. This manual CGPA calculation helps you to understand how CGPA is calculated at NSU University.

The formula is as follows:

CGPA = Sum Of (credit* credit points) / Sum of Credit

For Example:

Course 1= A (4.0)
Course 2= B+ (3.3)
Course 3= C (2.0)
Course 4= A- (3.7)

Credit 3.0 for each Course.

CGPA= {(4.0*3) + (3.3*3) + (2.0*3) + (3.7*3)} / (3+3+3+3)

CGPA = 39 / 12 = 3.25

What is the minimum CGPA for the NSU grading system?

In the North South University (NSU) grading system, the minimum CGPA (cumulative grade point average) is 1.0 with a grading point D. According to NSU’s grading scale, it represents the lowest possible level of academic achievement. However, students must retake the course with a “B” or below 3.0 grade points.

What is the grade scale for NSU?

The easy-to-handle grading scale of North South University lies between 0.00 and 4.0 grade points. Check out the above table for more details about the NSU grading scale.

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