PUCIT GPA Calculator

The PUCIT GPA Calculator is a web-based calculator that helps students to calculate their grade point average (GPA) at the Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT).

Our PUCIT GPA Calculator uses the official grading system of the Punjab University College of Information Technology. The calculator is easy to use, students simply need to enter the credit hours and select the letter grade for each course that they have taken. The calculator will then calculate the student’s semester GPA (grade point average).

PUCIT GPA Calculator


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PUCIT Grading System

The Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT) uses a 4.0 scale grading system. The letter grades, grade points and marks percentages are mentioned in the table below:

Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
A 4.0 Excellent
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3 Very Good
B 3.0 Good
B- 2.7 Satisfactory
C+ 2.3
C 2.0 Pass with improvement required
C- 1.7 Pass with serious improvement required
D 1.0 Pass
F 0.0 Fail
W --- Withdrawal
I --- Incomplete

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Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Letter Grade Marks Percentage
A 85% - 100%
A- 80% - 84%
B+ 75% - 79%
B 70% - 74%
B- 65% - 69%
C+ 61% - 64%
C 58% - 60%
C- 55% - 57%
D 50% - 54%
F Below 50%
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