SRM GPA Calculator

Welcome to the SRM GPA calculator! Our GPA  calculator is designed specifically for SRM Institute of Science and Technology students, making it easy for you to calculate your grade point average (GPA) without any manual calculations. Simply fill in a few pieces of information, and you’ll receive accurate results based on SRM University’s grading scale.

SRM GPA Calculator

SRM GPA Calculator

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SRM CGPA Calculator

The purpose of the SRM CGPA calculator is to simplify the process of calculating cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for students enrolled at SRM University. 

It eliminates the need for manual calculations by providing a user-friendly interface. To utilize this tool, students can first use the SRM GPA calculator to determine their grade point average (GPA) for each semester. 

Once they have obtained these values, they can conveniently input them into the SRM Institute of Science and Technology CGPA calculator. In just a few clicks, the calculator instantly generates the final cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for their degree program. 

This efficient process saves time and ensures accurate results without the hassle of performing complex calculations manually.

Note: put the all semester GPA, otherwise you will get wrong result from SRM CGPA calculator.

SRM CGPA Calculator

SRM CGPA Calculator

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SRM GPA to CGPA Calculator

The SRM Grade Point Average (GPA) to Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Calculator relies on the SRM Institute of Science and Technology’s official grading system.

This user-friendly tool allows SRM students to quickly determine their CGPA by inputting key variables like GPA.
The real-time calculator provides precise calculations, making it a reliable resource for accurate CGPA results.

SRM GPA to CGPA Calculator


SRM Percentage Calculator

The SRM Percentage Calculator boasts a user-friendly interface that guarantees effortless navigation and delivers precise percentages based on the marks obtained in the SRM Institute of Science and Technology examination.

To calculate your SRM percentage, kindly enter your Total and Obtained marks attained during the SRM Institute of Science and Technology examination.

SRM Percentage Calculator

Your SRM Percentage


SRM CGPA to Percentage Calculator

Are you looking for a simple way to convert your SRM CGPA to percentages? Look no further than the SRM Institute of Science and Technology CGPA to Percentage Converter!

Just input your CGPA, and the converter will accurately calculate the corresponding percentage using the formula approved by the SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

SRM CGPA to Percentage Calculator

SRM Grade System

The SRM Institute of Science and Technology grade system is a 10-point scale, with S being the highest (10.0 grade points) and F being the lowest (0.0-grade points). The grade points for each grade are as follows:

Letter Grade Grade Points Marks Range
O 10 91-100
A+ 9 81-90
A 8 71-80
B+ 7 61-70
B 6 56-60
C 5 50-55
F 0 <50
AB 0 -
I 0 -


  • F- Failure because of low marks in the course.
  • Ab- Failure because of not showing up for the examination.
  • I- Failure because of not attending enough classes in the course.

How Does SRM Calculate CGPA?

Recognizing the importance of CGPA is crucial, as it reflects a student’s overall performance throughout their academic journey. The cumulative Grade Points and accumulated credits from previous semesters hold immense weight in calculating an individual’s CGPA.

The Mathematical Equation for CGPA Calculation in SRM: 

CGPA = {(Credit * SGPA) / Cumulative Credit}

SGPA= Semester Grade Point Average

For Exemplification

Semester 1st {Credit 14 * SGPA 8.8}

Semester 2nd {Credit 13 * SGPA 7.5}

Semester 3rd {Credit 16 * SGPA 9.5}

Semester 4th {Credit 14 * SGPA 8.9}

Credit Points = 14*8.8 + 13*7.5 + 16*9.5 + 14*8.9 = 497.3

Cumulative Credit = 14 + 13 + 16 + 14 = 57

CGPA = 8.72

How Do I Convert CGPA To Percentage In SRM?

It is imperative to thoroughly comprehend the official grading system implemented by SRM Institute of Science and Technology to accurately compute your percentage score derived from the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).


This approach will enable you to confidently and swiftly ascertain your percentage score based on your CGPA. 


The mathematical equation for determining the percentage is as follows:

Percentage = (CGPA * 10)

CGPA = 9.5 *10 

Percentage = 95%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much CGPA is Good in SRM?

Without any doubt, SRM University considers a CGPA of 6.0 with a B grade and a percentage between 56-60% as a good performance.

What does assigning a letter grade ‘F’ mean in SRM?

If SRM assigns a student an F, it indicates that the student has received less than 50% marks with 0-grade points, which signifies the student’s failure.

What does having a letter grade ‘I’ mean in SRM?

Getting an ‘I’ grade at SRM implies insufficient (inadequate) attendance, leading to failure.

What is the indication of letter grade ‘AB’ in SRM?

If a student does not appear for the exam, they receive an ‘AB’ grade in SRM, which indicates failure.

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