SSC GPA Calculator

Please take a moment to explore the remarkable Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator.

Our developers created the SSC Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator using Bangladesh’s official Intermediate and Secondary Education board grading system. This tool helps you calculate your SSC-level GPA accurately and quickly.

One of the primary advantages of utilizing this calculator is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the calculation process.

Our Secondary School Certificate (SSC) GPA Calculator accurately determines your academic standing by eliminating manual calculation errors.

With this GPA converter calculator, students can effortlessly input their select Group (Science, Business, and Humanities), including Subject names, corresponding Letter Grades, and Grade Points, to instantly obtain their CGPA.

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SSC GPA to Percentage Calculator

The conversion tool for SSC GPA to Percentage is of utmost importance for students in Bangladesh as it enables them to accurately convert their Grade Point Average (GPA) into percentages.

By entering the obtained GPA, this calculator will effectively calculate the corresponding percentage using the formula established by the Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards.

Equation for Percentage Calculation Mathematically

GPA to Percentage Formula:

GPA to Percentage = {(Obtained GPA *100) / Total GPA}

For Exemplification:

GPA to Percentage = 4.5 *100 / 5 = 90%

SSC GPA to Percentage Calculator

SSC Percentage Calculator

Percentage Formula:

Percentage = {(Obtained Marks *100) / Total Marks}

For Exemplification:

Marks to Percentage = 395 *100 / 500 = 79%

SSC Percentage Calculator

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SSC Grading System

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) is issued by the Bangladesh Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards for completion of 9th and 10th grade.

This system incorporates a 5-point grading scale, assigning corresponding letter grades (A+, A, A-, B, C, D, F) throughout each academic year.

The highest attainable grade is an A, corresponding to 5 grade points and representing a percentage range of 80-100%.
On the other hand, the lowest achievable grade is an F, with a grade point of 0.0, indicating a percentage score below 32%.

For more detailed information regarding your marks, grade points, and their corresponding letter grades or percentages under the SSC official grading system, please consult the comprehensive overview in the Table below.

SSC Letter Grade With Grade Points

Letter Grade Grade Point Grade Remarks
A+ 5.0 Outstanding Performance
A 4.0 Great Job
A- 3.5 Very Good Work
B 3.0 Good Work
C 2.0 Satisfactory Work
D 1.0 Needs Improvement
F 0.0 Fail

SSC Letter Grade With Marks Percentage

Letter Grade Marks Percentage
A+ 80% to 100%
A 70% to 79%
A- 60% to 69%
B 50% to 59%
C 40% to 49%
D 33% to 39%
F 0 to 32%

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How is GPA Calculated in SSC?

Recognizing that the Grade Point Average (GPA) is a comprehensive indicator of a student’s academic achievements, SSC students must thoroughly understand the grading scale ranging from 0 to 5 to calculate their GPA accurately.

Students can independently determine their GPA by familiarizing themselves with the specific subject names, corresponding letter grades, and grade points associated with their respective academic disciplines (Science, Business, and Humanities).

GPA = {Cumulative Grade Points / total Credit Value}

Note; – In the SSC system in Bangladesh, you can count the number of subjects since each subject holds the same weight in terms of credits. Credit = Subject Number

For Exemplification 

The student’s performance in different subjects is as follows: 

Bangla {A+ (5.00 GP)}. 

English {A (4.00 GP. 

Mathematics {A- (3.50 GP)}.

Science {B (3.00 GP)}. 

Social Science {A (4.00 GP)}. 

The sum of Grade Points = 19.50.

Number of subjects taken = 5

GPA = 19.50 / 5 = 3.90 

Note; – Bangladesh widely uses this method to calculate GPAs for SSC and HSC public-level examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the educational level in Bangladesh for the SSC exam?

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) marks the completion of secondary education, which includes grades 9th (IX) and 10th (X) and is equivalent to finishing high school. 

What is the mean of GPA 5.0 in SSC?

Securing a GPA of 5.0 in Secondary School Certificate is an outstanding accomplishment and undeniably a good result. 

What is GPA 4 in SSC?

A grade point average of 4 in the SSC exam corresponds to an ‘A’ letter grade, representing a 70 to 79% percentage range.

Is there any age limitation for studying in SSC in BD?

Yes! Students must be at least 14 years old by March 1st of the examination year to qualify for the SSC Examination in Bangladesh. 

What’s the enrollment restriction for the SSC exam in BD?

Class IX (9) does not allow enrollment for students 18 or older, and Class X (10) is not open to students 19 or older.

What is the average GPA in SSC?

In the SSC and HSC results, 3 GPA received a B letter grade, corresponding to an average 50-59 % score.

Does SSC stand for 9th and 12th level education in Bangladesh?

SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate (9th and 10th grades), while HSC stands for Higher Secondary Certificate (11th and 12th grades).

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