SSLC CGPA Calculator

The SSLC CGPA Calculator provides a user-friendly layout to help students calculate their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for their SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) examinations.

You need to input the number of credits for the each subject and select the corresponding grade obtained during the SSLC examination from the dropdown menu of the SSLC CGPA Calculator.

The calculator automatically calculates the total Quality Points, credits and CGPA.

SSLC CGPA Calculator is a valuable tool for students to assess their progress and record their achievements throughout their SSLC studies.

SSLC CGPA Calculator


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SSLC Percentage Calculator

The SSLC Percentage Calculator is a free online tool that helps SSLC students to calculate their percentage based on the marks obtained in SSLC examination.

The Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) Percentage Calculator is easy to use and provides accurate results within seconds.

To calculate the SSLC percentage, input your total marks and obtained marks received during the SSLC examination.

SSLC Percentage Calculator

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SSLC Grade to Percentage Calculator

The SSLC Grade to Percentage Calculator helps students convert their grades into percentage. There’s no need for lengthy calculations. Simply select your grade for all subjects and click the “Calculate SSLC Percentage” button. Our grade-to-percentage calculator provides your overall SSLC percentage within a few seconds.

SSLC Grade to Percentage Calculator For One Subjects

SSLC Grade to Percentage Calculator (Single Subject)

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SSLC Grade to Percentage Calculator For All Subjects

SSLC Grade to Percentage Calculator

How To Calculate The Percentage Of SSLC Marks In Kerala?

In Kerala SSLC exams, the maximum marks for each subject are typically 100. However, verifying this information with your specific exam board or school is necessary, as there may be slight variations. 

Proceed with calculating the subject-wise percentages by dividing your obtained marks by the total marks and multiplying by 100 for each subject.

Percentage= {(obtain marks in Subject / total marks of subject) * 100}

For example:

Math: 80 marks out of 100 marks.

Percentage = (80/100)*100

Your marks percentage for Math is 80%.

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How to calculate CGPA in SSLC?

With a comprehensive understanding of the grading scale ranging from 1 to 9, SSLC  students can confidently calculate their CGPA.

It is important to note that a grade point of 9 represents exceptional performance (A+), while a grade point of 1 indicates room for improvement (E).

Please refer to the table below for the SSLC official grading system used in our calculators and for CGPA calculation.

The respective grades for the subjects are as follows:

Subject 1 = A => 8

Subject 2 = A+ => 9

Subject 3 = B+ => 7

Subject 4 = A+ => 9

Subject 5 = B+ => 9

Total Grade Points (TGP) = 8+9+7+9+8 = 41

Divide the sum by the subject number 41/5

Total CGPA = 8.2

SSLC Grading System

The SSLC grading system is a 9-point grading system used by the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) for the 10th standard (SSLC) examination. The grades are A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, and E. The grade points for each grade are 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0, respectively.
To pass the SSLC examination, a student must score at least a D+ in each subject. The grades are awarded based on the student’s performance in the written exam. The grading system is designed to assess the student’s overall academic achievement.

Grade With Grade Points

Grade Grade Points Grade Remarks
A+ 9.0 Excellent
A 8.0 Very good
B+ 7.0 Good Performance
B 6.0 Satisfactory
C+ 5.0 Needs improvement
C 4.0 Below Average
D+ 3.0 Needs Significant Improvement
D 2.0 Failing
E 1.0 Fail

Grade With Marks Range

Grade Marks Range
A+ 90 to 100
A 80 to 89
B+ 70 to 79
B 60 to 69
C+ 50 to 59
C 40 to 49
D+ 30 to 39
D 20 to 29
E Below 20

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the grading system of the SSLC exam?

SSLC uses a 9-point grading system with A+ to E grades reflecting academic performance. Candidates should refer to the official SSLC grading system provided Above to understand the grade position, grade points, and percentage range associated with each Grade.

Does the Kerala board offer any optional subjects?

No, The Kerala board does not offer any optional subjects.

What is the pass mark in Kerala?

Based on the 2024 Kerala plus two exam pattern, a student must achieve a minimum of 30% in both the aggregate and terminal examinations to pass.

What is the eligibility for higher education?

To pass the Kerala SSLC exam and pursue higher education, students must score at least a D (30-39%) in each paper. Compartmental exams require the same passing marks as annual exams.

What kind of certificates do students receive upon passing the Kerala SSLC exam?

Successful Kerala board SSLC or Class 10 exam candidates will receive a passing certificate and migration or school leaving certificate.

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