UAC GPA Calculator

Greetings, UAC students! Need help calculating your GPA for Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) academic programs? Look no further! We’re here to help you do it quickly and easily.

Our team has developed a dedicated UAC Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator to assist students in calculating their GPA. The UAC official grading system synchronizes with the calculator, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for calculating your GPA.

The Grade Point Average (GPA) numerically represents academic achievement from 0 to 7. Use our live tool to calculate your precise GPA easily without complex computations.

Please input your Credit/ load value and Marks in the calculator below and select the appropriate Grade {HD, D, C, P, F} from the drop-down menu. There’s no need to wait any longer! Our real-time calculator will furnish you with instant results.

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UAC GPA Calculator

UAC GPA Calculator

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UAC Grading System

Various bodies authorize Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) accredited programs to use a Grade Point Average (GPA) system for grading instead of Weight Average Marks (WAM).

This system assigns numerical values on a 7-point grading scale to students’ credit load in different subjects, accurately reflecting their academic performance.

For instance, a GPA of 7 corresponds to a High Distinction (HD) grade, while a GPA of less than 4 indicates failure (F). We highly advise consulting the comprehensive Table for detailed information about your UAC Grade, GPA (numeric value of grade), Marks, and how to interpret your results.

Grade Grade Definition Numeric Value
HD High Distinction 7
D Distinction 6
C Credit 5
P Pass 4
CP Conceded Pass 3
F Fail 0
WF Withdrawn Fail 0
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