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Welcome to the UEW GPA calculator! Our calculator is specifically created for students at the University of Education Winneba to easily calculate their GPA without any complicated math. It follows the grading system used at UEW. 

Using this calculator is simple. Just enter the subject name, credit hours, and select the letter grade for each subject. Repeat this process for other subjects, and you will instantly see your GPA displayed at the top of the calculator. 

Note: Please note that when you fill in the last subject field, a new row for the next subject will automatically be added.

UEW GPA Calculator



UEW Grading System

The UEW university grading system is here to assist you in checking your letter grade and calculating your UEW GPA. You can refer to the table below to understand the UEW grading system. This system is provided by the UEW University.

Letter Grade Grade Points Definition
A 4.0 Excellent
B+ 3.5 Very Good
B 3.0 Good
C+ 2.5 Average
C 2.0 Below Average
D+ 1.5 Unsatisfactory / Fail
D 1.0 Grossly Unsatisfactory / Fail
E 0 Complete Failure
I --- Incomplete
W --- Drop after Deadline
UD --- Unofficial Drop
X --- Disqualification
Y --- Work Still in Progress
Z --- Examination Malpractice

I Grade (Incomplete)

If you are unable to finish a course due to justified ill-health reasons approved by the FPC/DPC, you will receive an “I” grade.

W Grade (Drop)

When you decide to withdraw from a course within the specified schedule (by the third week of a full semester or the second week of a long vacation semester), you will receive a “W” grade.

UD Grade (Unofficial Drop)

If you register for a course but never attend or stop attending without officially dropping it, you will receive a “UD” grade. A “UD” grade is equivalent to a grade of “E” (Fail).

X Grade (Disqualification)

In situations where you are unable to complete a course due to reasons other than ill health, as justified and approved by the FPC/DPC, you will receive an “X” grade. You will be expected to complete the course when it is offered next.

Y Grade (Work Still in Progress)

If you are unable to complete a course that is designed to span multiple terms, the lecturer may assign a “Y” grade at the end of the first term to indicate that your work is still in progress. When the final grade is reported, it will replace the “Y” notation.

Z Grade (Examination Malpractice or Offence)

If it is found that you have attempted to gain an unfair advantage in any form of examination or assessment, such as end-of-semester exams or continuous assessments, you will receive a “Z” grade.

Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be prohibited from taking future exams for a specified period, indefinitely, or even expelled from the University. The awarding of a “Z” grade requires approval by the FPC and the SGS Board on behalf of the Academic Board.

Letter Grade With Marks

This table provides data that helps UEW students determine their letter grades based on the marks they receive throughout the course.

Letter Grade Marks (%)
A 80% ‒ 100%
B+ 75% ‒ 79%
B 70% ‒ 74%
C+ 65% ‒ 69%
C 60% ‒ 64%
D+ 55% ‒ 59%
D 50% ‒ 54%
E 0 ‒ 49%
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