UHS Merit Calculator

Are you looking to calculate your merit and aggregate for University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS) admission? So, without any manual efforts and mistakes, you can get it through the UHS merit calculator.

University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS) merit calculator is an online tool designed to help UHS applicants accurately calculate their merit for admission to the University of Health and Sciences, Lahore campus.

Put your academic and entry test marks and see your total merit and eligibility chances.

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University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS) Merit Criteria

Merit Criteria for admission to University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS) are designed to select students with potential and capability in specific programs. The calculation of merit in UHS is analyzed by weightage criteria as follows;

Undergraduate Merit Criteria in UHS

  • 10% of marks obtained in Matric.
  • 40% of marks obtained in Intermediate pre-medical.
  • 50% weightage of the UGAT test is considered in merit calculation.
Program Weightage
SSC/Equivalent 10%
HSSC Pre-Medical/Equivalent 40%

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MBBS and BDS Merit Criteria in UHS

  • 10% of Matric Obtained marks.
  • 40% of FSC Obtained marks.
  • 50% of MDCAT test marks.
Program Weightage
SSC/Equivalent 10%
FSC/Equivalent 40%

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How to Calculate UHS Merit?

To calculate your merit according to the University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS) merit formula, you can follow these steps;

UHS Undergraduate Merit Formula: {(Metric Obtain Marks/Matric Total marks)*10) + (FSC Obtain Marks/FSC Total Marks)*40) + (UHS-UGAT Test Obtain Marks/UHS-UGAT Test Total Marks)*50)}


Matric Obtain Marks: 900

Matric Total Marks: 1100

FSC Obtain Marks: 850

FSC Total Marks: 1100

UHS-UGAT Test Obtain Marks: 75

UHS-UGAT Test Total Marks: 100

UHS Undergraduate Merit Calculation: {( 900/1100 )*10) + (850/1100)*40) + (75/100)* 50) 

UHS Undergraduate Merit: 8.18 + 30.90 + 37.5 

 UHS Undergraduate merit is 76.58 for this example.

Who is Eligible for UHS MBBS?

University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS) Candidates have passed intermediate or equivalent with a minimum of 65% scores, and they also have to clear the MDCAT with 65% marks to secure their admission.

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