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UIU Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Calculator warmly greets all United International University (UIU) students as they embark on their journey.

We are delighted to present our dependable CGPA calculator. The CGPA calculator follows the official grading system of United International University (UIU) to ensure accurate and efficient calculation.

This calculator simplifies calculations with its user-friendly interface. By eliminating any potential inaccuracies in manual calculations, our United International University (UIU) CGPA Calculators determine your academic standing seamlessly.

UIU CGPA Calculator


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UIU GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator accurately replicates the official grading system endorsed by the United International University (UIU) in Bangladesh.

Our UIU GPA calculator is a valuable tool for students to calculate their GPA precisely, eliminating any need for speculation (guess).

By entering your course credits and corresponding grade points (GP) along with their respective letter grades, this calculator will effortlessly compute your Grade Point Average (GPA).

UIU GPA Calculator


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How to Calculate UIU CGPA

To precisely compute their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), students at United International University (UIU) in Bangladesh must possess a comprehensive understanding of the grading scales that span from 0 to 4. And four-point grading scale corresponding to the letter Grade A to F {A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F}.

To manually calculate your CGPA, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the UIU official grading scale along with its corresponding 

  • Marks (0-100).
  • Grade Points (0.0-4.0). 
  • Percentage scores (1% – 100%). 

Once you have a clear understanding of these concepts, you will be able to calculate your CGPA independently and accurately.

Let’s examine how the UIU grading system calculates CGPA.

The Equation for CGPA calculation in UIU; –

CGPA = {(Semester Credit * Grade Point Average) / Cumulative Credit}

For instantly –

Semester 1st– {Credit 4 * SGPA 4.0}

Semester 2nd- {Credit 3 * SGPA 3.5}

Semester 3rd- {Credit 4 * SGPA 3.8}

Semester 4th- {Credit 4 * SGPA 3.7}

Credit * GPA = {4*4.0 + 3*3.5 + 4*3.8 + 4*3.7} = 56.5

Cumulative Credit = {4+3+4+4} = 15 

CGPA = 56.5 / 15 = 3.77

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United International University (UIU) Grading System

The grading system implemented is highly effective and streamlined. It employs a straightforward 4-point grading scale ranging from zero to four (0-4), seamless alignment of letter grades A to F instantly- {A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F}.

A 4.0-grade point (GP) represents the attainable pinnacle (peak) of achievement, corresponding to the esteemed ‘A’ letter grade and encompassing an impressive percentage range of 90% – 100%.

  • Conversely, an ‘F ‘letter grade signifies failure and carries a substantial grade point value of 0.0.
  • The letter Grade ‘D’ corresponds to a 1.0 grade point average and indicates that the candidate has passed the exam with a percentage between 55% – 57%.

Kindly peruse the Table below for the United International University (UIU) Grading System.

Letter grade Grade Points Grade definition
A 4.00 Outstanding
A- 3.67 Excellent
B+ 3.33 Very Good
B 3.00 Good
B- 2.67 Above Average
C+ 2.33 Average
C 2.00 Below Average
C- 1.67 Poor
D+ 1.33 Very poor
D 1.00 Pass
F 0.00 Fail

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Does UGC Bangladesh approve of the UIU?

United International University (UIU) holds official recognition from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the University Grants Commission (UGC), solidifying its status as a private institution.

What is the minimum CGPA requirement at UIU in Bangladesh?

Students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.0 to maintain good academic standing. If their CGPA falls below this threshold, they will account for academic probation. 

What is the definition of CGPA at UIU in Bangladesh?

The CGPA is the weighted average of grade points earned in all completed courses, including the most recent trimester. 

What is the meaning of the letter grade “R” at UIU?

Under UIU’s official grading system, a student who receives the letter grade R is mandatory to retake a particular course or exam.

What’s the indication of letter grade ‘I’ in UIU?

The course instructor may assign an incomplete (I) grade. The student must resolve it within 15 days of the following trimester, or it will be a failing (F) grade.

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