UOL GPA Calculator

University of Lahore GPA calculator is used to help students calculate their grade point average (GPA).

The Students enter their credit hours and select the grade received for this course by the University of Lahore. Please do the same for all courses; our UOL GPA calculator will calculate your GPA.

The UOL GPA calculator is specially designed for the student of the University of Lahore to provide them with an estimate of their grade point average (GPA). It helps UOL students calculate their GPA without wasting time on complicated calculations.

UOL GPA Calculator

UOL GPA Calculator

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UOL CGPA Calculator

The University of Lahore CGPA (Cumulative grade point average) calculator calculates the student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA). UOL CGPA Calculator can help you calculate the sum of all courses taken in all semesters.

The University of Lahore CGPA calculator is designed to help UOL students to track their academic progress. It provides the students with fast and easy responses to calculate their grades.

UOL CGPA Calculator

UOL CGPA Calculator

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UOL Grading System

We use the UOL grading system for designing our GPA/CGPA calculator, and this is the University of Lahore (UOL) official grading system students can visit the table below to check letter grades with grade points and marks percentages.

Letter Grade Grade Points Marks Percentage
A 4.0 85% - 100%
A- 3.75 80% - 84%
B+ 3.50 75% - 79%
B 3.0 70% - 74%
C+ 2.50 65% - 69%
C 2.00 60% - 64%
D+ 1.50 55% - 59%
D 1.00 50% - 54%
F 0.00 Below 50%
W 0.00 Official Withdrawal

The letter grades are translated into different subcategories, and each has a different letter representation according to the grade points.

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