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Greetings, esteemed University of Newcastle (UON) students! If you need assistance calculating your GPA for UON academic programs, Congratulations! You’ve landed in the perfect spot.

Our dedicated team has crafted a user-friendly Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator explicitly tailored (specifically made) for University of Newcastle (UON) students like yourself.

This efficient tool seamlessly aligns with the official UON grading system, allowing you to effortlessly compute your GPA on a grading scale of {0 to 7}.

Our real-time calculator seamlessly delivers instant outcomes at the top of your screen, eliminating the need for complex calculations. Try it Now.

You can promptly receive accurate results by simply inputting your Credit unit and corresponding Grade Value {GP} into the UON GPA calculator and selecting the appropriate grade {HD, D, C, P, UP, F} from the drop-down menu.

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UON GPA Calculator

UON GPA Calculator

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UON Grading System

University of Newcastle (UON) upholds rigorous (attentive) academic standards of excellence, diversity, and innovation that align with approved accrediting bodies.

The University of Newcastle uses a Grade Point Average (GPA) system to grade its accredited programs instead of the Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

UON employs a 7-point grading scale based on GPA and numerical representation throughout all academic terms. This scale includes designations {High Distinction, Distinction, Credit, Pass, and Fail}.

A grade point 7.0 corresponds to an ‘HD,’ while an ‘F’ indicates a failure with a GP below 4.0.

Please consult the table below to comprehensively understand the University of Newcastle (UON) Grades, grade value, Mark percentages (GPA), and result descriptions.

Grades Grade Definition Value
HD High Distinction 7
D Distinction 6
C Credit 5
P Pass 4
UP Ungraded pass 4*
F Fail 0
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