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Greetings, The University of Queensland (UQ) students! If you require assistance calculating your GPA for UQ academic programs, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team has developed a user-friendly UQ Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator tailored (style) to The University of Queensland (UQ) students. Using the official University of Queensland grading system, this tool lets you quickly compute your GPA within the 0 to 7 grading scale.

Utilize our cutting-edge (real-time) UQ GPA calculator to compute your GPA as a UQ student effortlessly.

Please give it a go now and effortlessly obtain precise results by inputting your Grade (in the Course) and corresponding Unit (Credit) value of that Course into the UQ GPA calculator. Then, click the Calculate UQ GPA button and witness the immediate display of your GPA results.

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UQ GPA Calculator

UQ GPA Calculator

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University of Queensland (UQ) Grading System

The University of Queensland (UQ) pledges (surety) to uphold the rigorous academic criteria that TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) established, ensuring that its programs embody diversity, innovation, and excellence.

UQ utilizes a Grade Point Average (GPA) system to evaluate the effectiveness of its accredited courses instead of a Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

UQ employs a 7-point grading scale based on GPA and numerical representation throughout all academic terms. This scale includes classifications such as High Distinction, Distinction, Credit, Pass, and Fail.

To achieve a ‘High Distinction,’ students must attain a grade of 7.0 and a percentage between 85 and 100. If the GPA drops below 4.0 and the rate exceeds 50, the system indicates a failure with an ‘F.’

Please consult the Table Below for a comprehensive overview of the University of Queensland (UQ) grading system, grades, GPAs, and result descriptions.

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Grade Grade Description Grade Value
HD High Distinction 7.0
D Distinction 6.0
C Credit 5.0
P Pass 4.0
MF Marginal Fail 3.0
PS Pass 3S4
FS Fail 3S3
F Fail 1, 2
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