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Welcome to our USKT GPA calculator! If you come to this post, you are a University of Sialkot (USKT) student and want to determine your Grade Point Average (GPA). It would help if you studied USKT University’s grading policy and GPA calculation in that case.

However, don’t worry! Our USKT Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator is here to help you. It’s designed to provide quick and easy GPA calculations based on the official University of Sialkot (USKT) grading system.

Calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA) has always been challenging! But the University of Sialkot GPA calculator offers a simple and accurate way to obtain your Grade Point Average (GPA) without complex and time-consuming calculations.

The 4.0-grade scale is used inside our calculator because this gpa scale is used by USKT during the GPA calculation.

You need to enter your credit hours and select the grade for your course. Do the same for all courses/subjects. Our GPA calculator displays the result on the top and bottom of the calculator; NO need to press any submit button.

USKT GPA Calculator


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USKT CGPA Calculator

A solid understanding of your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is vital as it plays a significant role in different aspects of university life. A high Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) can pave the way for various opportunities, such as scholarships, awards, and graduate school applications.

Your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) reflects your overall performance throughout the year. If you need to calculate your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) according to the University of Sialkot (USKT) official grading system, you can use our user-friendly CGPA calculator.

It will give you the desired outcome quickly and easily. To determine your cumulative grade point average (CGPA), enter your USKT previous semester’s grade points and credit hours.
Our USKT GPA calculator displays the result.

USKT CGPA Calculator


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University of Sialkot (USKT) Grading Policy

Achieving high grades at the University of Sialkot (USKT) can be challenging due to its relative grading system.

Here are some critical Letter Grades and their Numeric Values (some standard university terms and their meanings) according to the University of Sialkot(USKT).

Please find below the official CGPA grading table of USKT:

Grade Grade Points Grade Definition
A+ 4.0 Excellent
A 3.7 Very good
A- 3.4 Good
B+ 3.0 Above average
B 2.7 Average
B- 2.4 Below average
C+ 2.0 Passing
C 1.5 Barely passing
D 1.0 Failing
F 0.0 Failure

Grade With Marks Percentage

Grade Marks (%)
A+ 90% to 100%
A 85% to 89.99%
A- 80% to 84.99%
B+ 75% to 79.99%
B 70% to 74.99%
B- 65% to 69.99%
C+ 60% to 64.99%
C 55% to 59.99%
D 50% to 54.99%
F Below 50%

Few Special Grade Of the University of Sialkot (USKT)

W- Withdrawal; –      this refers to taking oneself out of the university.

I- In-complete; – a student must still complete all required coursework for a particular semester.

TIP- In-progress; – indicates that a course or program is ongoing.

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