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Welcome to all the students of Macquarie University (MQ)! Do you find it challenging to calculate your WAM at MQ? No need to worry anymore! We have a WAM calculator tool that can help you calculate your WAM quickly and effortlessly.

At Macquarie University, students use WAM instead of Grade Point Average (GPA) to measure academic performance since it considers exact marks in each unit (semester).

The WAM (Weighted Average Mark) score averages the marks obtained by a student in all unit courses and converts it into a percentage out of 100.

MQ’s WAM calculator evaluates students’ academic performance, determines eligibility for honours programs, awards, and scholarships, and tracks course progression.

Here is a real-time handy WAM calculator that follows the official grading system of MQ. You need to add your marks and credit points, and you can seamlessly obtain your WAM at the top of the calculator.

WAM Calculator MQ

WAM Calculator MQ

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The University of Melbourne in Australia follows a standard procedure for converting Weighted Average Marks (WAM) into Grade Point Averages (GPA) using a predetermined conversion scale.

Although the specific conversion scale may vary, it typically involves aligning WAM with GPA on a 7-point scale.

For example, a WAM grade falling between 50% and 64% results in a P, and individuals within this range receive a GPA of 4.0 in the GPA calculation. Verifying the exact conversion scale by consulting with the university is essential.

Please note that the conversion of WAM grades to GPA in Australia is on a 7-point grading scale, which is widely accepted.

Macquarie University (MQ) Grading System

Macquarie University in Australia employs a grading structure that utilizes a 0 to 100 scale. Here are the classifications for the grades.

  • High Distinction (HD): 85-100  
  • Distinction (D):75-84
  • Credit (CR):65-74
  • Pass (P)
  • Fail (F): Less than 50

Please note that slight differences in the grading system may be present among different courses and faculties.

Note- The table below contains a comprehensive summary of Marks and their corresponding grade based on the official grading system of Macquarie University. 

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Grade Marks Description
HD 85-100 Exceptional performance, highest recognition
D 75-84 Excellent achievement, very high recognition
CR 65-74 Substantially better than expected
P 50-64 Satisfies unit objectives
PC 45-49 Meets unit objectives marginally (discontinued in 2011)
S N/A Satisfies objectives in Pass/Fail units
F N/A Failed to complete unit satisfactorily
SC 0-49 Special Circumstance (COVID-19 related fails in 2020)
FH 49 Failed hurdle assessment despite overall passing mark

How to calculate WAM MQ?

All students at Macquarie University must comprehensively comprehend the grading system sanctioned by TEQSA in Australia.

The Equation for WAM Calculation at MQ      

MQ WAM = {Sum (Marks * Credit)/ Cumulative Credit}     

Exemplification of Equation  

  • Unit 1 – (Marks,72 * Credit Point 5)
  • Unit 2 – (Marks,64 * Credit Point 4)
  • Unit 3 – (Marks,75 * Credit Point 5)
  • Unit 4 – (Marks,69 * Credit Point 4) 
  • Unit 5 – (Marks,78 * Credit Point 5)
  • Unit 6 – (Marks,77 * Credit Point 5)

Sum of credits: 5 + 4 + 5 +4 + 5 + 5 = 28

Sum of (Marks * Credit): (72*5) + (64*4) + (75*5) + (69*4) + (78*5) + (77*5) = 2042

MQ WAM = 2042 / 28 = 73

What mark is a distinction MQ?

Students who achieve a Grade HD, the highest possible recognition of outstanding achievement, have demonstrated exceptional performance by meeting all unit objectives with marked excellence. This grade ranges from 85 to 100.

How is MQ WAM calculated?

To calculate the WAM, we average the weighted marks of all completed units, giving more importance to units with higher weights in the final result.

Can we recalculate or enhance the WAM? 

Once students finalize their WAM, it is typically set, but they can improve it by excelling in future units or with academic support.

In what ways does WAM differ from GPA? 

Australian universities grade using WAM on a scale of 0-100, while the United States typically utilizes GPA, which falls within the range of 0 to 4.0.

Is there a difference between a pass consented and a pass in WAM? 

Pass Conceded and Pass affect the WAM, but Pass Conceded typically results in a lower mark percentage, consequently influencing the weighted average mark.

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