WAM Calculator UTS

Hello! We warmly welcome all University of Technology Sydney(UTS)students. The UTS WAM calculator aligns with the university’s official grading system, efficiently calculating the Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

The University of Technology Sydney(UTS) Weighted Average Mark reflects a student’s academic achievements by assigning numerical values between 0 and 100 to their respective credit points of units.

Use this convenient real-time WAM calculator to enter your marks, credit points, and grades. This feature lets you quickly and easily check your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) without delays or complications.

WAM Calculator UTS

WAM Calculator UTS

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UTS Grading System in AU

TEQSA has granted UTS autonomous accreditation authority, enabling it to accredit its programs independently. Instead of employing a Grade Point Average (GPA) for grading, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) utilizes a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) on a 0 to 100-point grading scale.

A High Distinction (HD) grade represents a WAM between 85% – 100%, while a grade (Z) equates to a WAM of 0% – 49%, denoting failure.

For an in-depth understanding of your University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Grade, WAM, Marks, and how to interpret your results, we invite you to consult the comprehensive table below.

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Grade Mark (%)
High Distinction (HD) 85-100%
Distinction (D) 75-84%
Credit (C) 65-74%
Pass (P) 50-64%
Fail (X) 50% or more
Fail (Z) 0-49%
Withheld (W)
Results Pending (Q)

Grade Point Average and Weighted Average Mark

Grade Grade Point To Spring 2019 (Old Scale) Grade Point From 14 Jan 2020 (New Scale)
High Distinction 4 7
Distinction 3.5 6
Credit 2.5 5
Pass 1.5 4
Fail 0.5 0
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